5 Video Games to Play If You Like Path of Exile

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Developed by Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile is one of the most popular RPGs when it comes to classic old-school experiences. This is something that has become rare with the modern-day RPGs and Path of Exile is one of the only few games that still offer that.

It’s one of the main reasons why so many players are still playing Path of Exile and that’s not going to change anytime soon. However, the game has definitely aged quite a lot for the new generation of RPG lovers. So, for those who are craving the classic experience but with a fresh paint of coat, these games are just for you!

5 Video Games to Play If You Like Path of Exile

1. Grim Dawn

Starting off this list, we have Grim Dawn, a popular action RPG that shares many similarities with Path of Exile. The game comes packed with a variety of different classes for the players to pick from, each with their own unique abilities and skills. Just like in Path of Exile, you are free to become whoever you want in this game and pick a class that actually complements your playstyle.

The game features a dark and gritty world to explore, filled with dangerous monsters and powerful bosses. Grim Dawn also offers a deep and complex crafting and currency system, allowing players to customize their gear with a variety of different components. Many Path of Exile players will feel at home with these mechanics, it’s as easy as buying POE currency to spend on in-game items.

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2. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Speaking of deep gameplay mechanics, I can’t afford to let Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem slide. It’s yet another epic-looking action RPG that has gained quite a lot of popularity in recent years for its deep and complex gameplay mechanics. Wolcen Lords of Mayhem comes packed with a vast open world to explore, filled with dangerous monsters and powerful bosses.

And just like any other popular ARPG, the game also lets players choose from a variety of different classes, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. But what makes this game stand out from other POE-like games is its deep and rewarding loot system, allowing players to customize their character with a variety of different gear. Making for a more exciting and challenging gameplay.

3. Diablo IV

There is no denying the fact that Diablo series is a masterpiece of ARPG genre with many highly acclaimed titles. And Diablo 3 is the latest and greatest entry in the popular Diablo series. The game has made its name in the genre for its intense action-packed hack and slash combat and deep RPG gameplay.

While not completely similar to Path of Exile, it features a tremendous amount of content that will not let you to miss Path of Exile. Whether its the diversity in classes or the intense action, you will have everything you ever wanted in an action-packed ARPG.

4. Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a popular MMORPG that offers a similar gameplay experience to Path of Exile but with a more modern touch. Set in the fictional world of Arkesia, the game lets you choose from 14 different classes and embark on quests, battle monsters, and explore a vast open world. Lost Ark features a unique combat system that combines traditional MMORPG mechanics with action-oriented gameplay, allowing players to perform combos and special attacks.

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The game also features a variety of game modes, including solo and group content such as dungeons, raids, and PvP arenas. One of the most prominent features of Lost Ark is its Ark system, which allows players to collect powerful artifacts called Arks. These Arks can be equipped and leveled up with the help of Lost Ark Gold to provide unique bonuses and abilities, giving players an edge in battle.

5. Torchlight III

Torchlight III is the latest entry in the popular Torchlight series, and it offers a similar gameplay experience to Path of Exile. Set in the fantasy world of Novastraia, the game lets you create and customize your own character from one of four different classes: the Dusk Mage, the Forged, the Railmaster, and the Sharpshooter.

In addition to the main campaign, Torchlight III also offers online multiplayer, allowing players to team up with friends to take on challenges together. The game also features a pet system, where players can adopt and train a variety of magical pets to assist them in combat and provide passive bonuses. Definitely a great choice for players who love playing Path of Exile.


The gaming world is filled to the brim with action-packed RPGs but nothing comes to Path of Exile when it comes to the old-school classic experience. But if you are looking for a modern-day version of the game, or just want to experience some fresh new content, these 5 games are definitely going to keep you hooked!

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