6 Most Popular Ear Piercing Names

Today we are going to talk about some of the Ear piercing names. There is a huge variety of ear piercings. Many people love ear piercing, some of them go with the trend whereas some of them do it because it is common in their family.

There are various types of ear piercing. Some of the most common body parts that people love to piercing are ears, eyebrows, nose, tongue, lips, and belly button. Ears are always the most common body part of piercing because piercing in the ears is safe.

Ear piercing is less painful and also does not harm the ear. Ear piercing is very common in many countries. Ear piercing was mostly famous among girls but nowadays it is common in males too.

Types of Ear piercing

Many people love to pierce their child’s ear at a very young age. In many countries, it is a tradition to do piercing. Piercing at a very young age can be harmful and can be very painful for your child. Always take consultancy from your pediatrician and at least wait for your child to become enough capable to bear that pain.

There are 6 types of Ear piercing:

  1. Rook
  2. Daith
  3. Tragus
  4. Helix
  5. Conch
  6. Lobe

Rook Piercing

Rook piercing is a painful piercing. It is not recommended for children and also not recommended for those who have sensitive ears. Rook piercing is always not the first and best choice. It is mostly done by those who have had some piercing before and are capable to handle the pain. Rook piercing takes a longer time to heal. Rook piercing is painful because rook piercing is done in the uppermost cartilage fold, due to which it has to cross two layers of cartilage, which makes it more painful and takes a long time to heal.

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Daith Piercing 

Daith piercing is done on the inner part of the ear. It is not very common, because it looks quite awkward and weird. Daith piercing is less painful than rook piercing but that does not mean you will feel no pain, it is also very painful because it is done in the inner fold of the ear. This part is very sensitive, this part has two layers which makes it thick and painful. This piercing will also take some good time to heal. You will feel extreme pain when you will touch your ear but after two-three weeks you will definitely feel better.

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Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing is done in the outer part of your ear. This part is connected to your face and this piercing will surely add more ornaments to your face. This piercing is done in the front part of your ear canal. Some scientific research mentions that this type of piercing can cure your migraine and will help you to feel better. This piercing is less painful compared to others but you definitely feel some pain during the process and it will take some time to live with the piercing. This piercing looks good and also adds some extra elements to your personality. There is opposite of tragus piercing is Anti-Tragus Piercing, this piercing is more painful and it is a part of ear cartilage.

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Helix Piercing

Helix piercing is piercing which is done to the upper part of the ear cartilage. You will discover a huge variety of Helix piercings. Helix is one of the most common piercings. Helix piercing is common because it is the least painful ear piercing. Helix piercing is less painful because it is done in the top most part of the ear and the uppermost part of the ear is the thinnest. Helix piercing takes very less amount of time to heal. There is another type of Helix piercing is known as Forward helix piercing. This piercing is done in the front and uppermost part of the ear. This piercing will take less time to heal and is the least painful.

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Conch Piercing

Conch piercing is called hidden piercing. This type of piercing symbolizes that you are an introvert and you love to keep secrets. Conch piercing is done in the side part of the ear. This piercing is done in the thicker part of the ear which makes it difficult to heal faster. This piercing will be quite painful due to the thickness of the ear. Conch piercing is not for everyone because this piercing is very uncomfortable and can cause many troubles. If you are a side sleeper then this piercing will cause trouble for you, you need to take your ring before sleeping but this will delay your healing time and will cause some irritations and infections.

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Lobe Piercing

Ear piercing is considered good for your health, in many countries ear piercing is a ritual. Ear piercing helps to increase mental concentration and helps to boost your personality. In this part we are going to talk about Lobe piercing, lobe piercing is the most common piercing. Lobe piercing is done in the bottom-most part of the ear. Lobe piercing is not painful, you will just feel some pain when the needle goes in. Lobe is considered one of the safest parts for piercing. Lobe piercing takes a very less amount of time to heal. This piercing will cause some irritation and itching but all this will fade away in two-three days. Always take care of your earrings while sleeping, sleeping in the wrong position can cause a lot of trouble.