15 Best Fonts for Bulletin Boards: Making Your Notices Pop!

Bulletin boards are like information hubs in schools and classrooms. They are the go-to places for announcements, event details, and educational materials. But have you ever thought about how the font you use can make a huge difference in grabbing people’s attention? In this article, we’ll explore the 15 best fonts for bulletin boards, and we’ll explain why and how each of these fonts can make your notices stand out. This guide is tailored for students as well as teachers, so we’ll keep things simple and engaging.

What Makes a Font the Best for Bulletin Boards?

Fonts aren’t just about style; they play a vital role in conveying your message effectively on a bulletin board. Here’s what makes a font the best choice:

  • Capturing Attention: The right font grabs your audience’s attention from a distance.
  • Conveying Messages: Fonts help convey the tone and purpose of your notice.
  • Creating Visual Appeal: The font’s style enhances the overall look of your bulletin board.
  • Readability: It’s crucial that people can read your message easily.
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Now, let’s dive into the top 15 fonts that will make your bulletin board notices shine!

Top 5 Bulletin Board Fonts

1. Comic Sans MS

Comic Sans MS (2)

  • Style: Playful and informal.
  • Why it’s the Best: Perfect for creative and friendly bulletin board displays.
  • Example: Use Comic Sans MS for notices about fun events or creative activities.

2. Arial

Arial (2)

  • Style: Clean and simple.
  • Why it’s the Best: Versatile and suitable for various bulletin board themes.
  • Example: Arial works well for general announcements or informative content.

3. Verdana


  • Style: Highly readable.
  • Why it’s the Best: Ideal for academic and informative bulletin boards.
  • Example: Use Verdana for educational posters or science project displays.

4. Chalkboard

Chalkboard SE

  • Style: Resembles chalk handwriting.
  • Why it’s the Best: Great for educational and classroom-related bulletin boards.
  • Example: Chalkboard font adds authenticity to math or history displays.

5. Brush Script MT

Brush Script

  • Style: Elegant and handwritten.
  • Why it’s the Best: Enhances arts, literature, or calligraphy-themed boards.
  • Example: Use Brush Script MT for poetry or art exhibition announcements.

The Next 5 Best Fonts for Bulletin Boards

6. Tahoma


  • Style: Modern and professional.
  • Why it’s the Best: Effective for conveying important information.
  • Example: Tahoma font is perfect for exam schedule notices.

7. Trebuchet MS

  • Style: Balanced and stylish.
  • Why it’s the Best: Great for technology or design-related boards.
  • Example: Use Trebuchet MS for computer club announcements.

8. Georgia


  • Style: Classic and readable.
  • Why it’s the Best: Adds sophistication to your bulletin boards.
  • Example: Georgia font is perfect for history project displays.

9. Courier New

Courier New

  • Style: Monospaced, typewriter-like.
  • Why it’s the Best: Ideal for code, programming, or technical content.
  • Example: Use Courier New for coding club announcements.
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10. Century Gothic

Century Gothic

  • Style: Clean and contemporary.
  • Why it’s the Best: Complements modern bulletin board designs.
  • Example: Century Gothic font suits science fair posters.

The Final 5 Best Fonts for Bulletin Boards

11. Impact


  • Style: Bold and attention-grabbing.
  • Why it’s the Best: Perfect for announcements and important notices.
  • Example: Impact font demands attention for school event promotions.

12. Cursive Fonts (e.g., Lucida Handwriting)


  • Style: Elegant and decorative.
  • Why they’re the Best: Add flair to special occasions or creative displays.
  • Example: Use cursive fonts for handwritten thank-you notes.

13. Kristen ITC

  • Style: Friendly and informal.
  • Why it’s the Best: Ideal for elementary school bulletin boards.
  • Example: Kristen ITC font brings cheerfulness to classroom rules.

14. Segoe Print


  • Style: Neat and easy-to-read.
  • Why it’s the Best: Works well for classroom and academic boards.
  • Example: Use Segoe Print for book club announcements.

15. Franklin Gothic

_Franklin Gothic

  • Style: Timeless and versatile.
  • Why it’s the Best: Suitable for a variety of bulletin board themes.
  • Example: Franklin Gothic font suits history and literature displays.

Conclusion- Best Fonts for Bulletin Boards

Remember, choosing the right font for your bulletin board is like adding the perfect finishing touch to your message. Each of these 15 fonts has its unique style and purpose, so feel free to experiment and create eye-catching bulletin board displays for your school and classroom notices. Make your notices pop, and you’ll be sure to get everyone’s attention!

Now go ahead and get creative with your bulletin boards, and watch as your messages become impossible to ignore.