20 Best Fonts for Excel or Spreadsheet

Are you bored with using default fonts in Excel that make your Excel sheets look unprofessional and dull? It is important for users to choose the right font because good fonts improve the appearance and readability of your data. This article will explore the best 20 fonts for Excel.

List of 20 best fonts for excel

Here are the list of 20 best fonts you can use for excel:

1. Arial

Arial Pro Light

Arial is the most widely used and popular font for Excel. It is considered the sans-serif font that was designed in 1982. The Arial font looks clean and smooth, which is good for readability.

2. Segoe UI

Segoe UI Bold font

Segoe UI has become popular and useful since it is available on every software from Microsoft. It has a sans-serif typeface that is designed to give a highly readable font to the world.

3. Times new roman

Times New Roman

If you work on the computer, you will surely know about the time’s new Roman font. It is a famous sans-serif font designed by Victor Lardent and Stanley Morison.

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4. Helvetica


Helvetica is the widely used font for Excel. It is also considered the sans-serif font designed and released in 1957 by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann.

5. Comic sans MS

Comic Sans

Comic Sans MS is one of the popular sans-serif fonts that was designed by Microsoft itself. Comic Sans was created to do lettering in comic magazines.

6. Cardo

Cardo Font

Cardo is referred to as the large Unicode font that was designed for the needs of Biblical scholars, classicists, linguists, and Medievalists.

7. Carlito

Carlito Bold Font

 Carlito is user friendly and modern sans serif font that is compatible with Microsoft Fonts Calibri font. Carlito comes in bold, italic, regular and bold italic.

8. EB Garamond

EB Garamond is a classical, excellent, and Garamond font. It is used to create the community project. This digital version of this font reproduces the original design through Claude Garamont closely.

9. Droid serif

Droid is a family font that was created by Ascender Corporation for use via the Open Handset Alliance platform, Android.

10. PT sans

PT Sans was designed for the “Public Types of Russian Federation” project. The second family of the PT serif project is also available.

11. Josefin sans

The idea of this font typeface is to be elegant and geometric with a vintage feeling to use on larger data sizes. It is empowered by the geometric sans-serif designs in the 1920s. The x-height of this font is halfway from the baseline to its cap height.

12. Nexa

Nexa is the latest style sans-serif font family that comes with a geometric touch. It is available in 36 styles, modern and clean caps, and creates more variability.

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13. GFS Didot

GFS Didot is of serif font based on Didot type that was designed in 1805 by Firmin Didot. Since it was designed, this font gained huge success and became the first choice of users till the last decades of the 20th century.

14. Garet

Garet is geometric modern sans serif font. It is clean, high x-height, and has soft letterforms with a masculine, smooth tone. Garet derives the unique oval shapes from perfect optical circles and closed counters to emphasize the form further.

15. Verdana

Verdana is one of the best pre-installed fonts in Windows that are used widely in the world. If you work on large data sets in your Excel, you should use this Verdana font.   

16. Fira code

Fira Code is the best Google font that you can easily download and install on your device. It is best to use this font if you want to present numbers in your Excel sheet.

17. Source code pro

Source Code Pro is a Google font that you are required to download and install on your system. It is a sleek font that you can use in reports and dashboards.

18. Calibri

Calibri is the best font to use for Excel if you work on a computer. This font is come with the custom typeface nowadays and in many applications.

19. New York

If you are fed up with using sans-serif fonts in Excel, then New York is the best choice for you.

20. Roboto

Roboto has been one of the typefaces for every Android user from the time when it was designed by Google in 2011.

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Tips to choose the best fonts for excel

Here are the some tips you can follow to choose best fonts for excel

  • Stick to specific font type
  • Stick to right font size, neither too large not too size
  • Avoid to use serif fonts
  • Use normal font weights
  • Prior readability over decorative fonts
  • Maintain consistency in fonts
  • Use font color that give good contrast