CarDekho- Know Company Details, Competitors, Founder & CEO

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In this article we will learn about CarDekho and the comapny details.

CarDekho Company Details is India’s leading automotive search engine and assists customers in finding the correct vehicles to meet their requirements. The website and app contain content such as expert evaluations, full specs and prices, comparisons, and videos and photographs of all automobile brands and models available in India. The company has simplified the process of purchasing vehicles by having tie-ups with many auto manufacturers, over 4,000 dealers, and financial institutions. The company acquired in 2015. The company acquired Carmudi Philippines and Gaadi Web. 

The website is at the forefront of innovation to ensure customers get an immersive experience of the car before they visit the showroom. The company has expanded to Southeast Asia by launching, Zigwheels. my and and the UAE with

Amit Jain and Anurag Jain are the founders of CarDekho. Amit Jain is the current CEO. The company headquarters is in Jaipur, India. CarDekho has offices in Gurgram and Mumbai. The company valuation as of October 20, 2021, was $1,200 million. 


CarDekho Investors and Shareholders

Anurag and Amit Jain and Umang Kumar founded CarDekho in 2008. The company has 22 investors and 6 lead investors. Some of the investors are Charger Club, Harbor Spring Capital, LeapFrog Investments, Sequoia Capital India, Dillon Hattab, Mirae Asset, and Franklin Templeton Investment. The board of directors is – 

  • Amit Jain, Whole-time Director
  • Anurag Jain, Managing Director
  • Umang Kumar, Whole-time Director
  • David Sungjin Rhee, Director


What does the CarDekho company do? 

Amit Jain and Anurag Jain founded CarDekho in 2008. CarDekho is a website and app that has comprehensive information about the automobile sector in India. It has wealth of automotive information, such as reviews, detailed specs, and reviews, comparisons, pictures, and videos of car models available in India. 

CarDekho is a platform for selling and buying used cars and lists cars for trade. It provides insights into the auto industry, recent updates, recent reviews, and information on new releases, including- prices, and specifications, in simple layman’s language. 

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The company offers financial services like instant car loans and car insurance schemes. Car experts and reviewers answer car-related questions in the automotive forum section of the website. 

The website has an e-store selling a range of car accessories like floor mats, car polish, mobile chargers, and seat covers. 

CarDekho competitors


Animall is an online portal that aims to simplify the lives of dairy farmers India and is one-shop stop for dairy farmers. You can buy and sell cows and buffaloes online. Kirti Jangra founded the company in 2019.  During this time, we spoke with thousands of additional dairy farmers, solved some of their issues in non-scalable ways, and ultimately chose to enter this sizable, untapped, and extremely interesting industry full-time in November 2019.


 Mattermost is an open-source online chat service for file sharing, search, and integration. It was pitched as an open-source alternative to Slack or Microsoft Teams for internal chats within companies. It ensures secure communication, collaboration, and smooth workflow across teams. Mattermost is primarily designed for software development and engineering use cases and integrates with a range of developer tools. Companies have complete control over their data and can opt for self-hosted and private cloud deployment options. Developers have the freedom to contribute directly to a shared, adaptable, and extensible platform created exclusively for them.


Yang Haoyong founded Chehaoduo in 2014. Cheuhaoduo is an online platform that uses artificial intelligence to help buyers compare prices, select financing options, and sign up for after-market services like insurance, repair, and maintenance. In 2018, the company started a new retail strategy and aimed to create 800 physical locations across 170 cities. As of September 2020, Chehaoduo had 7.9 million monthly active users, outperforming its primary competition, Uxin with 2.1 million users.


Vikram Chopra, Mehul Agrawal, Gajendra Jangid, and Ruchit Agarwal founded Cars24 in 2015, as a marketplace to buy and sell secondhand cars. In 2021, the company started its international operation to include the UAE, Thailand, and Australia. 

The Cars24 platform has an offline presence and facilitates transactions. The company also offers services like transferring the title of the vehicle to the new owner and an online auction platform for companies wishing to sell their old cars. In 2019, it started selling verified cars with buyback guarantees. Car24 has 202 branches spread over 73 cities in India. 


Vinay Sanghi and Rajan Mehra founded CarTrade in 2010. It operates as a marketplace for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) operations. The B2C is a website ( where customers can buy and sell new and old cars and the B2B ( dealers portal where dealers can manage their auctions and sales. The company’s headquarters are in Mumbai. CarTrade acquired CarWale and Adroit Inspection in 2015 and Shreeram Automall in 2018. The company was listed on the NSE and BSE in 2021.  

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Droom Technology

Sandeep Agarwal founded Drioom Technology. Droom is a technology and data science firm that enables online car purchasing and selling through a combination of our asset-light automotive e-commerce platform and a technology-driven vertically integrated, a proprietary ecosystem of products and services for the automotive sector. It is one of the top e-commerce platforms for used cars. The platform lists over 1.15 million vehicles. It is the only model in India with a completely online transaction model. 


Niraj Singh is the fournder and CEO of Spinny. He founded the company in 2015. It is a used car platform that assures trustworthy and hassle-free transactions. The company hopes to make the process of buying a used car as hassle-free as possible. The company offers Spinny assured service to improve trust and accountability. Spinny has an extensive inventory of cars and the company strives to provide a personalized experience. 


Mohit Dubey established Carwale in 2003. It is an online auto-classified platform to buy and sell used and new vehicles. CareWale offers their customers various services to make the process of buying cars as seamless as possible. They offer a platform where automotive purchasers and owners can conduct research, make purchases, sell their vehicles and carry out discussions and negotiations about cars. 

CarDekho FAQ’s 


1. Who is CarDekho’s CEO?

Amit Jain is CarDekho’s CEO and co-founder. He is also the co-founder and CEO of GirnarSoft. Amit used information from the numerous brochures he had collected from AutoExpo 2008 to build an online database, he recognized the untapped potential for buying and selling cars. Since 2009, Jain has concentrated on producing fresh content to ensure CarDekho ranks highly in Google search results. Currently, the portal receives close to 40 million visitors per month.

2. What was the revenue of CarDekho last year?

Car Dekho announced its results for 2021-22, with a revenue of INR 1598 crores. The company registered a phenomenal growth of 81% in consolidated revenue. The group’s total expenses increased by 70%, signaling substantial operating leverage. CarDekho’s strong performance in the financial year saw total losses reduce substantially by 28% to INR 246 crores. 

3. Is CarDekho profitable?

CarDekho did not earn profits in 2021-22. The company’s operating income grew by 80.7% year-on-year to INR. 1598 crore. The phenomenal growth meant higher expenses and costs, which increased to Rs. 2,170 crores in FY22. CarDehko expects to break even and earn profits in the third quarter of FY 2024. 

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4. How much funding has CarDekho raised to date?

CarDekho has raised over $497.4 million in funding in 9 rounds. The company’s latest round of funding was on October 13, 2021, from the Series E round. 22 investors fund CarDekho. Changer Club and Harbor Spring Capital are the most recent investors.

5. How many employees are there in CarDekho?

CarDekho is an auto-search platform to compare, buy, and sell new and used cars. The company is considered to be India’s top player in automotive content, with 4 million+ hours viewed annually. It is considered to be the largest consumer-facing digital destination, with 55 million unique visitors. The company employs 1,000 to 5,000 people in India. 

6. Can you consult CarDekho before buying a car?

CarDekho is one of the best places to buy a car. You can consult the active forum on their website or talk to experts. You must inspect the vehicle and take a test drive before you purchase your vehicle. 

7. How to contact CarDekho?

You can contact CarDekho in the following ways:-

7. Is CarDekho a Unicorn?

Yes, CarDekho is a unicorn valued at $1.2 billion. CarDekho is an e-commerce platform for new and used cars in India. In the second-largest car market in the world, CarDekho is the latest firm to reach unicorn status. It said it raised $ 250 million in its Series E financing round ($50 million in debt and $200 million in equity). LeapFrog Investments was the lead investor in this round.

8.Has CarDekho an App?

Yes, CarDekho does have an app. The free app is a fantastic resource, whether you are interested in purchasing or selling a car. The app keeps you up to date on auto industry news and reviews and helps you compare cars based on price, looks, and specifications. You can upload pictures of the car you wish to sell and get deals if you wish to purchase a car. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


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