60 Hamburger Jokes and Puns that will crack you Up!

Hamburger jokes are a type of food-related humor that often involves puns or plays on words involving hamburgers, buns, toppings, and other elements of a hamburger meal. These jokes can be lighthearted and fun, and are often used to bring a smile to people’s faces. Many hamburger jokes revolve around the punny nature of the … Read more

450 +Kawaii Usernames that Cute,Good and Best

Kawaii names are becoming more and more popular in the western world. Kawaii is a Japanese word meaning cute, lovely, or charming. It can also refer to things that are small and round. Kawaii names often have diminutive suffixes such as -chan or -tan attached to them. Many people choose kawaii names for their children … Read more

100+ Jokes with a twist that will crack you up

Have you ever heard a joke and then laughed, only to be told the punchline and realize that the joke was actually quite clever? If you enjoy this type of humour, then you will love jokes with a twist. Jokes with a twist are cleverly written so that the punchline is not revealed until the … Read more

100+ One eye jokes and Puns that will crack you up

This is an article about one eye jokes. You know, the kind where someone has a patch over one eye, or is missing an eye entirely. They’re usually pretty funny. But they can also be pretty lame, so it’s important to know your audience before you crack one of these jokes. But if you’re looking … Read more

100+ Preacher Jokes and Puns that will crack you up

A good sense of humour is an important quality for a preacher to have. It allows them to connect with their congregation and add levity to serious situations. Preachers often use self-deprecating humour, making jokes about themselves or their profession. This type of humour can help break the ice with new people or ease tension … Read more

100+ Painter Jokes and Puns that will crack you up

A good painting is all about the details.  And when it comes to making a masterpiece, sometimes even the smallest details can make a big difference. But when it comes to painter jokes, it’s all about keeping things light and having a sense of humour. So whether you’re a professional painter or someone who just … Read more

15 Funny Things to Say in a Prank Call 

A prank call is one of the easiest ways to mess with your friends and family for fun. All you need is acting skills, a rich voice, and courage. In this article, you will know 15 funny things to say in a prank call. So, get ready for some fun moments. But remember, never go beyond the line or disrespect the person on the other side. They are your knowns, and you don’t want to hurt them even in a prank call. Things to Consider Before Placing a Prank Call Placing a prank call is simple. All you need is a phone and network to prevent yourself from being caught and to make it fun. Make a perfect plan with no room for doubts. A foolproof plan will always work. Rehearse your line before making the prank call. Use … Read more

20 ‘The Office’ Funniest Jokes

‘The Office' Funniest Jokes

Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais created ‘The Offic’e show. The show features the daily lives of office workers in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The most interesting thing about it is that it is filmed in a single camera set up, having no laugh track or audience. This show was aired on NBC for nine seasons and 201 … Read more