400+ Cat names: Cute, Unique, and Funny Cat Names

Are you looking for cat names? We have collected lots of names that are suitable for your cat. Explore the names below.

Owning a cat is a great responsibility and naming them is another big responsibility. Cats can be the best pet you can ever have. We can name cats on the basis of their personality.

A cat is a carnivorous animal. In the past, it was referred to as a dangerous animal, but as time passes this dangerous species became a domestic species. At the current time, everyone wants to keep a pet like a cat, and why not everyone is greatly attracted by the cuteness of this beautiful animal.

Cats are the second most loved animal after dogs. Naming a cat is a big task you need to name your cat in such a way that, the name matches your cat’s behavior.

Naming someone whom we love the most becomes a difficult part, we need to take our proper time to think about the best name that suits our pet. The name should be simple, easy, and should resemble the cuteness of the pet. The lifespan of this beautiful animal is just 12 to 18 years. In this article, we will take a look at cute girl cat names, unique cat names, and many more.

Tips to select the best cat names

Thinking about cats, always go with those names that are simple and easy to pronounce. The name should highlight the character of the cat. The lifespan of a cat is of 12 to 18 years, so we are selecting a name that will last for about almost 18 years, so we definitely need to take our time thinking about the correct name.

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Below are some of the great tips that will help you name your cat:

  • The major thing to keep in mind while naming is that your cat name should be simple, easy, and can be pronounced easily.
  • The second thing to note is that, what is the behavior of your cat, if the behavior is aggressive then go with some bold and strong names.
  • If you are a great fan of cartoons, cartoon names fit everywhere and also cartoon names are referred to as cute names.

cat names

Girl Cat Names

Girl Cat Names

Most of the cat owners are girls because girls like cats a lot due to their nature and appearance. So we are going to take a look at girl cat names from all around the world.

Kavish Jasper Luna
Leo Doja Cat Milo
Milo Taylor Oliver
Charlie Suga Leo
Max Gronk Loki
Simba CeeDee Bella
Jack Dolly Parton Charlie
Loki Tom Willow
Ollie Katie Lucy
Simone Harry Monster

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Cute Cat names

Cute Cat names

We all know that cats are cute, so the name of our cat should be cute. It should match the appearance and personality of our cat. Below are some of the cute cat names.

Elon Raclette Luna
Bitcoin Baguette Ham
Dior Pizza Anchovy
Yeezy Tofu Schnitzel
Fauci Almond Watermelon
Covi Prosecco Pork Chop
Covid Parma Cinnamon
Vax Mango Coffee
Rona Coconut Eggo
Voltaire Beef Margarita

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Black Cat names

Black Cat names

Black color cats are considered a piece of good luck in most parts of the world. Many people prefer black cats over other cats. Below are some of the black cats’ names.

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Pikaboo Shelly Pokey
Zippy Speedy Racer
Snapper Duke Amber
Doris Bruce Holly
Albert Bertie Mack
Crimson Carrot Rolly
Rocky Jinni Flippy
Hippy Sunny Goji
Coco Tiny Mango

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Female cat names

Female cat names

There are a lot of characteristics of each cat type. Female cats are considered more independent than male cats. Some of the best female cats’ names are listed below.

Wanda Jerry Tianna
Nats Lulu Doris
Kiwi Sierra Taya
Kia Molly Dolly
Tania Truffle Jade
Minnie Bella Elsa
Emma Starla Sadie
Trixie Ginger Tonks
Myrtle Flower Peanut

Male Cat names

Male Cat names

As I said earlier that there are different types of characteristics of different types of cats. The main characteristic of male cats is they are way more friendly as compared to female cats. Let us take a look at some of the best male cat names.

Albino Chalky Ruby
Angel Powder Alaska Cherry Bomb
Arctic Anaconda Lard
Aspen Caremarie Apple
Aspirin Almond Ash
Avalanche Prosecco Breath
Betty White Parma Berry
Blizzard Mango Blaze
Bright Lights Coconut Blood
Casper Beef Blood Diamond

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Boy Cat names

Boy Cat names

The cat is one of the favorite animals among boys, mostly everyone is greatly impressed by the cuteness of this animal. Some of the boy cat names are listed below that you surely don’t wanna miss out.

Knockout Popeye Caution
Taz Tarzan Amber
Brimstone Romeo Blondie
Burn Caremarie Canary
Furiosa Honey Goldilock
Fast Five King Midas Lemonade
Billy bob Star Minion
Bono Gatsby Tony
Rocky Blink Zeus
Enzo Royal Crown Drift


Funny Cat names

Funny Cat names

If your cat’s nature is joyful and it loves to play a lot then your cat surely deserves some funny names.This will surely match your cat’s behavior and will be an element of fun. Some of the funny cat names are listed below.

Gimlet Kiwi Ratatouille
Fig Mocha Goofy
Lemon Rio Duke
Pineapple Stark Daphne
Plum Dragon Lady Whistledown
Brisket Cersei Arturo
Beans Daenerys Tokyo
Oat Chloe Salvador
Pear Ollie Professor
Lychee Sophie Berlin

Unique Cat names

Unique Cat names

Everyone wants to name their pet uniquely and when the pet is a cat, you surely need some unique names. Some of the best unique cat names for your cat are listed below.

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August Catfish Shore
Azul Cruiser Sunset
Azur Dom Tywod
Aqua Flip Dawn
Anchor Leto Hoku
Blake Pier Honeybee
Bahama Pirate Isle
Blue Sandy Kaia
Coconut Shark Lavender
Captain Skye Lily

Orange Cat names

Orange Cat names

Orange cats are also known as ginger cats due to their color. These cats are way friendlier and are more affectionate towards their owner.Some of the best Orange cat names are listed below.

Marigold Villa Dune
Ocean Aurora Eliana
Petunia Bay June
Poppy Beach Junebug
Praia Bee-bee Juniper
Sunrise Berry Keegan
Summer Birch Kyra
Sunflower Blaise Lake
Suvi Coral Laker
Tequila Dock Leo

Good Cat names

Good Cat names

If your cat’s personality is great and if it shows some of the best behavior then these good cat names can help you while naming your cat. Some of the good cat names are listed below.

Sneezy Sleepy Houdini
Lilo Maui Lago
Mrs. Kipling Pascal Morg
Blinky Randall Boo
Buzz Sully Wall-E
Balthazar Heffalump Ursula
Ariel Ray Scooter
Rocket Thor Hulk
Swimmer Tucker Tonka
Poptart Verne Bulldozer

Warrior Cat names

Warrior Cat names

Some of the cats are simple and easy-natured cats, and some of them are very aggressive and show warrior-type characteristics. If your cat is a warrior then these warrior cat names will surely help you while naming your cat. Below are some of the warrior cat names.

Woody Hallie Nessie
Yoda Flower Shadow
Ross Irene Fury
Nemo Jessie Spike
Sushi Harold Venom
Swimmy Herry Bean
Jaws Jeremy Owloof
Flipper Muddy Shadow
Willie Blinky Diva
Algae Krill Diana

Cool Cat names

If you think that your cat is a cool cat then you must gift your cat with a very cool name. Some of the best cool cat names are listed below.

Tuna turner Squidward Ava
Cindy Juana Eva
Nessie Morgan Lina
Amber Michel Griffin
Bandit Sashimi Bella
Pirate Splash Zoe
Batman Eskimo Daffy
Black widow Drake Becky
Aurora Black Diablo
Aye Atley Jewel

White Cat names

We talked about black cat names, and orange cat names, now it is time to talk about white cat names. White cats are seen as a symbol of happiness. Some of the best white cat names are listed below.

April August Gloria
Bertie Hippy Kenya
Oslo Oswald Vinni
Jinni Timber Ruby
Summer October Talula
Paulie Mack Cooper
Sasha Trevor Oscar
Corky Dino Bud
Elvis Zip Kai
Kiwi Toby Fergus

Gray Cat names

Gray cats are very common. They are very calm and composed and are less aggressive. Some of the best gray cat names are listed below.

Nikko Nihilego Silcoon
Peach Abomasnow Eva
River Glastrier Lina
Rose Vanillish Griffin
Ruby Vanillite Bella
Sailor Vanillux Zoe
Samson Shelgon Daffy
Selena Dewgong Becky
Solange Beartic Diablo
Wavey Arceus Jewel

Japanese Cat names

If your cat is a Japanese cat, then some of the best Japanese cat names are listed below. Japanese cats are aggressive looking and are very beautiful. Some of the best Japanese cat names are listed below.

Umbreon Nihilego Houndour
Duskull Gengar Houndoom
Greninja Necrozma Sableye
Murkrow Sneasel Misdreavus
Zekrom Banette Dusclops
Carkol Rattata Drifloon
Gothitelle Coalossal October
Darkrai Scatterbug Autumn
Haunter Dusknoir Wednesday
Gastly Haxorus Candy

Calico Cat Names

Calico cats are those cats which are having more than two colors. These types of cats are very beautiful looking and are preferred by most owners. Some of the best Calico cat names are listed below.

Umbra Yáng (light, sun) Domino
Shade Sugar Checkers
Murky Sweets Chess
Cloudy Angel Friday
Foggy Powder Rooster
Misty Casper Spider
Starlight Vanilla Tux
Dark Cotton Licorice
Sheep Snowball Stella
Swan Blanca Cosmo

Famous cat names

There is a lot of cat appearances that we all have witnessed in movies and web series or even in internet videos. They are very famous all around the globe. Some of the most famous cat names are listed below.

Monet Shelby Melvin
Jet Turtleneck Waddles
Puddles Wobbles Peep
Jinx Merp Tiny
Venus Neptune Tokka
Mudface Verne Howard
Morla Morl Tuck
Tardy Crush Kuzco
Caligola Olu mel Theo
Dudley Cedric Bjork

Halloween Cat names

Black cats are mostly referred to as Halloween cats. These types of cats have some of the best aggressive looks. Some of the best Halloween cat names are listed below.

Ash Spot Ace
Bandit Spots Checkers
Barcode Spuds Chess
Butler Stripe Domino
Charcoal Stripes Joker
Dottie Stripey Magic
Inky Swirl Marble
Inkblot Twilight Ref
Jeeves Yin-Yang Stella
Mischief Blanca Cosmo

Badass Cat names

Badass cats deserve badass cat names. If your cat is a badass cat, then you should check out the below list. Some of the badass cat names are listed below.

Boots Bow tie Vintage
Bowtie Cary Grant James Bond
Chuck Taylor Cummerbund Jolly Roger
Fedora Fedora Maltese
Harley Davison Groom Matrix
Mittens Marlene Dietrich Maul
Oxford Pinstripe Mr. Darcy
Patch Spats Neo
Jeeves Tails Norman Bates
Mischief Tuxedo Poe

Witchy Cat names

We all remember that witches used to have black cats with them in movies. Witchy cats are basically a term given to black and aggressive cats. Some of the best witchy cat names are listed below.

Raymond Chandler Betty Boop Babka
Rosebud Chilly Willy Chip
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Cruella Cookie
Sam Spade Felix Cupcake
Severus Flower Espresso
Shamu Goofy Jack Daniel
Sirius Heckle Java
Sith Jeckle Mallomar
Snape Mickey Milkshake
Vade Minnie Oreo

Anime Cat names

If you are an anime fan then you should definitely name your cat an anime character. Some of the best Anime cat names are listed below.

Alcremie Flabébé Chikorita
Floette Kirlia Bayleef
Happiny Tsareena Vullaby
Mandibuzz Hatterene Nidoking
Cresselia Florges Impidimp
Enamorus Milcery Tyrogue
Bounsweet Hattrem Snorlax
Nidoqueen Vespiquen Tauros
Steenee Lilligant Rufflet
Illumise Froslass Oreo

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