57 Yo mama’s so fat jokes that are funny enough to crack you up

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In a world where people are constantly trying to be politically correct, fat jokes are one of the few remaining sources of comedy that anyone can enjoy. They’re not just for skinny people anymore; now even fat people can laugh at themselves. So, what’s the big deal with fat jokes? They’re funny, plain and simple. They make people laugh, and that’s what comedy is supposed to do.


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Best Fat Jokes

Why should we avoid cracking jokes on fat people?

Give them a break. They have enough on their plate already.

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Fat Jokes 1


Why did the Indian guy not crack Yo Mama So Fat jokes?

Because cows are sacred in his country.

Fat Jokes 2


What is the only French word fat Americans know?


Fat Jokes 3


How do you notice if your girlfriend is getting fat?

She starts to fit into your wife’s clothes.

Fat Jokes 4


How do fat people hide from exercise?

By joining a fitness protection program.

Fat Jokes 5


What could be worse than an eating disorder?

Being fat.

Fat Jokes 6


Why do fat girls give the best head?

Because they are hungry.

Fat Jokes 7


How do you burn calories?

Set a fat man to fire.

Fat Jokes 8


How do fat people choose the right answer to a multiple-choice question?

They weigh their options.

Fat Jokes 9


Why do fat people have short last names?

They usually eat their all other alphabets.

Fat Jokes 10


Where do fat people keep their six-packs?

In the cooler (pot belly).

Fat Jokes 11


Yo mama’s so fat jokes


Who started the Fat acceptance movement?

Surely, members of the wider community.

Fat Jokes 12


What is the most positive thing about being fat?

Harder to kidnap.

Fat Jokes 13


What did the fat girl say to the fat boy?

Thanks for the tip.

Fat Jokes 14


What do you call an obese psychic?

A four chin teller.

Fat Jokes 15


What is the name for a fat bee?


Fat Jokes 16


What do you call an even fatter bee?


Fat Jokes 17


What do people do during the first few weeks of Weight Watchers?

Find their feet.

Fat Jokes 18


Why did the elevator have to go down?

Because a fat guy got in it.

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Fat Jokes 19


Why did Jon Brower Minnoch always wear a helmet while eating?

Dude was on a crash diet.

Fat Jokes 20


What happens when a fat guy swims past the buoys?

People think there is an island there.

Fat Jokes 21


Why should you ignore if someone calls you fat?

Since you are bigger than that.

Fat Jokes 22


What do fat people do when they get depressed?

They cut themselves…  a cake.

Fat Jokes 23


What is the best way to look thin and slim?

By hanging out with fat folks.

Fat Jokes 24

Funny Fat Jokes


Wife: I will leave you if you call me fat again.

Husband: Wait dear.. Don’t do it for the sake of our kid!

Wife: Kid?

Husband: Yeah, aren’t you pregnant?


Why shouldn’t obese people feel bothered by fat jokes?

Because they are higher on the food chain.


What are the chances of a fat girl getting accepted into a convent?

Slim to nun.


What kind of jokes doesn’t work out?

Fat people jokes.


Obese people must stay active and move in order to get in shape.

Round shape.


What type of body do fat people have?

The body of a god, too bad it’s Buddha.


Which movement is the only movement without movement?

Fat Acceptance.


Why do workaholics’ relationships seem to be like overweight people?

Both don’t work out.


What do you call a chubby British man?

A full English.


Best Fat Jokes


What do you call two fat people chit-chatting?

A heavy discussion.


Why do fat people cry on purpose?

To taste their tears.


Why do fat people think obesity is not a problem?

Since heat makes things expand, they think they are just hot.


What does a box of chocolate have in common with life?

They don’t last long for fat folks.

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Doctor: Obesity has only one treatment.

Indian man: Which is..?

Doctor: Every day, you eat one roti.

Indian man: Is it to be eaten after or before a roti?


Why fat jokes should not be appreciated?

It is inappropriate to make fun at someone else’s expanse.


Why is it that Japan has no overweight people?

The last time, they had it killed more than 80,000 people and injured another 35,000.


In a gym full of fat people, what do you call a man with normal abs?



Which cookie do the fat people love?

Four chin cookies.


What is the greatest phobia of a fat ghost?

Being exercised.


Mean Fat Joke


Which city do fat people go on vacations?



Where do overweight people live?



What happens when winter fat is gone?

Then you have spring rolls.


What is a popular funny saying among fat women?

Once you go fat, you never go back.


Why are fat people not overweight but simply living on the wrong planet?

Because 120 kg on Earth is equal to 45 kg on Mars.


What is fun to ride until your friends see you?

Scooters and fat girls.


What does Santa do with fat elves?

He sends them to an elf farm.


Offensive Fat Jokes


Teacher: What does the chicken provide you with, kids?

Little Johnny: Eggs and meat.

Teacher: Okay! Next question.. what does the sheep provide you?

Little Johnny: Wool.

Teacher: Right! Now, tell me what the pig gives you?

Little Johnny: Bacon.

Teacher: Correct answer! And what does a fat cow provide?

Little Johnny: Homework.


After cracking a fat joke, what was the first thing a man asked his annoyed friend?

“Which one of your chins did I hurt?”


What do you call fat ginger?

Fed Sheeran!


Why do you think obesity does not run in a fat person’s family?

Well, no one runs in a fat person’s family.


Nutritionist: You should eat 1200 calories a day…

Fat guy: Okay and how many at night?


Conclusion Of Fat Jokes

In conclusion, fat jokes are hilarious and everyone should laugh at them. If you don’t find them funny, you’re probably too fat to understand the jokes. So keep laughing and don’t take yourself too seriously.


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