300+ Whacky Fox Names You’ll Never Believe

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Foxes are small to medium-sized, omnivorous mammals belonging to numerous genera of the circle of relatives Canidae. They have a flattened skull, upright triangular ears, a pointed, barely upturned snout, and an extended furry tail (or brush).In this blog, we are taking look at some of the best fox names from all over the world.

Twelve species belong to the genus Vulpes’ monophyletic “proper foxes” organization. Approximately any other 25 present-day or extinct species are constantly or from time to time known as foxes.

Those foxes are a part of the paraphyletic organization of the South American foxes, or of the outlying organization, which includes the bat-eared fox, grey fox, and island fox.

Tips to choose the right fox names for your pet

Foxes stay on each continent besides Antarctica. The maximum not unusual place and vast species of fox is the pink fox (Vulpes vulpes) with approximately forty-seven identified subspecies. The international distribution of foxes, collectively with their vast recognition for cunning, has contributed to their prominence in the famous ways of life and folklore in lots of societies across the world.

Some of the tips to choose the right fox names for your pet are:

  • Fox has a bold and strong look, they are very aggressive, so names that are strong and bold will be a great option.
  • Names that are easy and simple to pronounce should be considered since these names are everyone’s favorite.
  • Always try to choose those names that are meaningful and are related to any historical events.
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Male fox names

The red fox is the most common species of fox in North America and Europe. These animals are opportunistic predators that feed on a variety of small prey items. Some of the best Male fox names are mentioned below.

Csaro Sawyer Yeller
Inko Glief Gasz
Wolfgang Brig Arkos
Aputto Paddy Rock
Baltasar Jado Chaos
Lake Archibald Bugatty
Itano Edgard Dirty
Ikos Corsar Feger
Barny Sunny Illu
Boaz Bobby Pako


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Cute fox names

Foxes are also known to scavenge on carrion and raid garbage bins. They have a reputation for being cunning and intelligent creatures and are often used as symbols in folklore and mythology. Some of the cute fox names are mentioned below.

Howard Brino Fellow
Monte Jamp Famo
Fiasco Cherkal Cess
Moina Adis
Chimbo Groll Diro
Chieco Nallo
Caden Ceno Zabu
Fax Fronto Boston
Nirko Doink Norge
Irx Fann Dyno


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Fox names girl

Foxes are considered to be nuisance animals in some parts of the world because they often steal food from people or pets. Some of the best fox names girls are mentioned below.

Melody Funke Berix
Freiin Bastie Donca
Hady Jini Bonnita
Amyna Debohra Lacey
Yaba Badi Frencis
Ditta Fryga Baffie
Funny Drixy Albina
Annia Sena Brixy
Aquana Lire Enjoy
Isny Deni Balga


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Artic fox names

They are usually shy creatures that will avoid humans if possible, but they can also be very bold and opportunistic.Some of the best Arctic fox names are mentioned below.

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Xamos Dian Luxa
Dirck Cok Doldie
Jupiter Dexmond Manga
Assuan Quarrie Alda
Esso Gasco Lani
Cannon Marshall Maka
Cesso Herbi
Anik Jassko Evitha
Homere Keeley Andora
Assam Ricor Dorame


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Good fox names

Fox are very shy and they love interaction with humans, they try to avoid humans. Some of the good fox names are mentioned below.

Coldy Smokey Cappar
Casella Felton Areck
Disca Naro Castro
Ancona Blick Flinn
Alpaha Dorro Erohn
Bojax Handy
Daxter Garant
Andree Haco
Eskan Ergo
Amelie Fips Darack


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Mythical fox names

There are many different species of foxes, some more well-known than others. The red fox is the most common, and the gray fox is the second most common in North America. Some of the best mythical fox names are mentioned below.

Fargo Fem Day
Giran Casso Lonell
Kionah Falkor Helk
Nemon Flavio Bacon
Brinno Droll Brutus
Zambos Areck Bandit
Barko Honani Nerz
Bimo Mickey Jacco
Baff Branko Ulf
Nexus Caven Romeo


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Famous fox names

Foxes can be beneficial to farmers by controlling the population of rodents and other pests. They can also be hunted for their fur or raised on farms for their meat. Some of the most famous fox names are mentioned below.

Nanner Lexos Gato
Baldor Cipsi Baloo
Furio Enchy Flasch
Jarin Landro Xatus
Chino Balk Takko
Donax Chirkan Giro
Maro Quin Spike
Nirk Gedeon Amadi
Ady Dac Naruk
Dinos Pacco Cesso
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Red fox names

We have explored some of the best categories of fox names, now we will take a look at some of the best Red fox names. Some of the best red fox names are mentioned below.

Areo Maltus Colin
Chap Gorden Hiro
Altmann Gama Flora
Fandor Cerry Mate
Chesco Armado
Ganjo Bastjan Orysus
Autor Ikoro Obin
Balk Qint Bojar
Farus Fussy Dax
Thender Cluno Disco

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