77 Gene Jokes that will crack you up 😃

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If you’re looking for a good laugh, check out our collection of jokes about genes. From puns to clever wordplay, these jokes will have you rolling on the floor. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to gene-erate some laughs!


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Jokes About Genes

Without genes, we would not be able to exist! Here are some of the best jokes about genes:

What do diarrhea and hair color have in common?

They both run in your genes.

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Gene Jokes 1


My family has a chronic diarrhea problem.

I guess you could say it runs in our genes.

Gene Jokes 2


Did you hear about the guy with IBS?

Runs in his genes!

Gene Jokes 3


Tide announced the new motto for their pods line.

Cleaning the gene pool since 2017.

Baby, I wish I were DNA helicase…

…so I could unzip your genes.

Gene Jokes 4


I told my Biology lab partner to let me be her DNA helicase…

So I can unzip those genes.

Gene Jokes 5


Hey girl, are you missing your pants?

Because I can give you some of my genes.

Gene Jokes 6


How do you stop an anti-vaxer from drowning?

You remove them from the gene pool.

Gene Jokes 7


What is the smallest body of water in the South?

The gene pool.

Gene Jokes 8


I once seduced a woman by telling her I’d sequence her DNA

but I stopped at first base when she told me what I’d find in her genes.

Gene Jokes 9


Had a wank in a pool earlier,

call it a gene pool.

Gene Jokes 10

A blonde jokes about genes

So, if you’re looking for a good laugh, don’t knock the blonde jokes. They could be helping us all stay healthy! 

Chuck Norris can only have Chuck Norris as babies.

Because all of his genes are dominant.

Gene Jokes 11


How do you mix boy and girl chromosomes?

Pull down their genes.

Gene Jokes 12


Did you know that every frog used to have at least some polish genes?

In fact, they were a tad-pole.

Gene Jokes 13


Scientists have discovered a Gene that makes women more receptive to threesomes

It’s a recessive gene though, so both parents have to not love her for the trait to manifest.

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Gene Jokes 14


What does a biologist wear on a first date?

Designer Genes

Gene Jokes 15


What happens every time Gene Simmons gets in a fight with his band mates?

They Kiss and makeup

Gene Jokes 16


What part of the fridge do you keep the gene edited baby in?


Gene Jokes 17


What happens when musician Gene Simmons opens up a jewelry shop inspired by his Israeli heritage?

Family Jew-els 🙂

Gene Jokes 18


How are a gene pool and a swimming pool similar?

Sometimes you have to use bleach to keep it clean.

Gene Jokes 19


Is being a sub a recessive gene?

Sure is hell ain’t a dominant one.

Gene Jokes 20

Science Jokes About Genes

Here are just a few examples of science jokes about genes that are sure to get a laugh:

What did the Doorman say to the DNA strand at the entrance to the nightclub?

“Sorry mate, no genes allowed.”

Gene Jokes 21


Did you know diarrhoea is hereditary?

It runs in your genes!

Gene Jokes 22


What did Gene Wilder name his drug smuggling operation?

Charlie Up The Chocolate Factory

Gene Jokes 23


What will Gene Wilder’s last will and testament will say?


Yeah I’m going to hell.

Gene Jokes 24


What did one DNA say to the other DNA?

Do these genes make me look fat?

Gene Jokes 25


Did you know diarrhea is inherited?

It runs in your genes.


Baby, I wish I were DNA helicase…

…so I could unzip your genes.


What is a chromosome’s favorite article of clothing?

a pair of genes.


How do you make a hormone?

Take her genes off.


What do the chromosomes wear?



What do sex and DNA replication have in common?

You gotta unzip the genes first.

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How do you tell the sex of a chromosome?

Pull down it’s genes


What trousers did Mendel wear?



Why don’t they need dress codes in Kentucky?

They already have the same genes.


How can you tell two chromosomes apart?

Pull down their genes.


What did the x-chromosome say to the y-chromosome?

Do these genes make me look fat?

Conclusion Of Gene Jokes

In conclusion, genes are the source of much amusement, especially when it comes to their role in our physical appearance and personality. However, it’s important to remember that we are all unique individuals with our own quirks and traits, so don’t let anyone tell you that you’re “just like your father” or “just like your mother.” Embrace your individuality and enjoy the genes you were dealt!

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