The Most Popular Fonts Among Students. What Should You Pay Attention To?

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The choice of font for a project or assignment can have a massive impact on its success. Whether you want to write an essay, create a presentation, or format a document, your font can influence how your peers and instructors perceive your work. In this article, we will explore the most popular fonts among students and discuss what you should consider when selecting a font for your project.

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The Most Popular Fonts Among Students

Times New Roman

Times New Roman is among the most popular fonts among students due to its classic, timeless look and legibility. It is a serif font with minor lines or “feet” at the end of each letter, making it easier to read in large blocks of text and less likely to cause eyestrain. Its uncomplicated and classic nature also makes it a great choice for academic papers, making it an excellent font for students. According to professional writers at, having the right font is vital for your homework to be effective and professional, and Times New Roman is often the go-to font for students.


Arial is a popular font among students because it is also a sans-serif font, meaning it doesn’t have any extra flourishes or decorations like some other fonts. This makes reading more manageable and efficient to scan, which is vital for students in a time crunch.

Additionally, Arial is a neutral font that looks professional but needs to be more formal. This makes it ideal for essays, reports, and other academic documents where a student is trying to impress the reader. Arial is also available on various platforms, so students can ensure their documents look the same across different computers and programs.


Calibri is a popular font amongst students because it is easy to read and has a modern, professional feel. It is a sans-serif font, meaning it does not have decorative flourishes, making it easy to read in large blocks of text.

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Additionally, it is a modern font developed in the early 2000s, which appeals to students who are more familiar with technology and modern design styles. Finally, its clean, professional look makes it suitable for school and academic work, making it a popular font amongst students.


Helvetica is a popular font among students because it is widely available, easy to read, and versatile. It is a sans-serif typeface with a modern, clean look that works well for both digital and print applications. Helvetica is also highly legible, which makes it an excellent choice for academic papers, presentations, and other materials that require readability and clarity. Additionally, its neutral design allows the text to take center stage, which is ideal for student projects.

Open Sans

Open Sans is a popular font among students because it is easy to read, legible, and modern. Its versatility and subtlety make it an excellent choice for various projects, from essays to presentations. Open Sans is also free, making it an attractive option for students needing more money for a more expensive font. Lastly, Open Sans offers a wide range of weights and styles, making it easy to find the perfect font for any project.


Roboto is a popular font among students because of its versatile and modern style. It is easy to read, making it great for academic writing, presentations, and other school-related tasks. Its geometric design is aesthetically pleasing, and its range of weights, from thin to black, allows for various applications. Its clean, modern lines make it highly legible and versatile, making it an excellent choice for any type of student.


Montserrat is a very popular font among students. This sans-serif font is modern and easily readable. It is a modern font with a contemporary look that can be used on countless projects, including posters and brochures as well as web design. Its large x-height, low contrast and geometric shapes make it easy to read. This font is a great choice for students who want something professional but still stands out.

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Futura is a popular font among students because of its modern, geometric design. It is a sans-serif font, which means it is clean and easy to read, making it an excellent choice for academic documents. It also has a timeless style that never goes out of fashion, so it is just as suitable for posters and advertisements as for essays and reports. Finally, Futura is a versatile font with various weights and styles, making it an excellent choice.

Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is a popular font among students because it is a versatile, legible, and modern font designed with readability. Its open-source nature makes it an attractive option for students looking for a font that is accessible, easy to use and will look good on their documents.

Additionally, its various weights and styles make it an excellent choice for creating a wide range of documents. Finally, its clean and simple design makes it perfect for creating professional-looking documents.


Lato is a popular font among students because it is legible and easy to read. It is also a versatile font, supporting a wide range of languages and scripts, making it an excellent choice for multi-lingual documents. Additionally, Lato’s modern and stylish look makes it a perfect choice for contemporary designs. It is also available in various weights and styles and can be tailored to fit any project. Finally, Lato is an open-source typeface, available for free, making it an attractive option for students on a budget.


What You Should Consider When Choosing A Font

Now that you know the most commonly used fonts by students, it is crucial to consider a few things when deciding. Here are the factors to consider:


As a student, readability should be a significant factor when choosing a font. Your font can affect how easily you can scan, read and comprehend the material. Choosing a font that is easy to read can make it much easier to process the material and make it less likely that you will understand and remember the material. Additionally, if you are typing out a paper or other document, a font that is easy to read will ensure that your readers can make sense of your writing.

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When choosing a font as a student, it is essential to consider the personality of the font. Different fonts can convey different feelings and emotions and can be used to create a specific atmosphere. For example, a more formal font may be used to express a sense of seriousness, while a more casual font might be used to create a relaxed atmosphere. The type of font you choose can also affect how readers perceive your work, so it is essential to select a font that reflects the tone and message of your work.


As a student, you should consider compatibility when choosing a font to ensure your work can be viewed and read by the broadest audience possible. Different operating systems, web browsers, and computer software can all have different fonts installed, and some fonts may not display correctly or at all on specific systems. By using a font compatible with all systems, you can be sure your work will be easily accessible to everyone who needs to view it.


As a student, size is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a font because it affects the readability of your work. A smaller font size can be challenging to read and make it easier for the reader to comprehend your message. On the other hand, larger font sizes can be easier to read and help make your writing stand out.

Additionally, different font sizes can create a visual hierarchy and emphasize certain words or phrases. Choosing the right font size for your project can help ensure your message is effectively communicated and understood.


With the different writing fonts available, deciding which is best for your project can be challenging. By considering factors such as readability, personality, compatibility, and size, you can choose a font that is perfect for your project and will help you successfully communicate your message.



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