450+ Original Snake names collection and ideas

Looking for snake names? We have come up with and collected some of the poisonous snake names in the lists below.

The naming process for our Australian snakes is a long one, as there are over 200 species. Every time we take in a rescue snake and attempt to identify their species we research their names and then consult with taxonomic experts to make sure we’re using the right one.

Snakes are elongated, limbless, carnivorous reptiles. You can find it in heavy bushes or sand. They also prefer to stay in the water. There is a huge variety of snakes. Most of them are very dangerous.

There are more than 3000 species of snakes. Snakes are a form of legless reptiles. Australia has the highest number of snakes. Mexico is also leading the list after Australia.

Snakes love to live in very hot and humid temperatures. You can find snakes in between temperatures of 68 and 80 degrees for the most part. Snakes are very active and love to change places.

How to remember the snake names?

Snakes have thin bodies they do not have legs. They crawl to the ground, and their body is very slippery. Inland Taipan is one of the most famous snakes. This snake has very toxic venom.

Snakes are not friendly in nature. The most friendly snake is the corn snake. Many snakes do not love to be handled, but corn snakes love to be handled and touched.

Corn snakes are the most popular pet snake. The sidewinder snake is one of the fastest snakes in the world. This snake can move at a speed of 18mph. The second fastest snake after the sidewinder is the mamba.

Snake names

Snakes can be very dangerous because they do not love to be handled. Some of the best snake names are mentioned below.

boomslang (Dispholidus typus) hognose snake (genus Heterodon)
rat snake (genus Elaphe)
brown snake (Storeria species and other genera) house snake (genus Lamprophis and other genera)
ring-necked snake (Diadophis punctatus)
bull snake (Pituophis catenifer) indigo snake (Drymarchon corais)
scarlet snake (Cemophora coccinea)
cat snake (various genera) king snake (genus Lampropeltis)
smooth snake (Coronella austriaca)
coachwhip (Masticophis flagellum) kukri snake (genus Oligodon)
snail-eating snake (various genera)
egg-eating snake (genera Dasypeltis and Elachistodon) leaf-nosed snake (genera Phyllorhynchus and Lytorhynchus)
vine snake (genera Ahaetulla, Oxybelis, and Thelotornis)
file snake (genus Mehelya) mangrove snake (genus Boiga)
water snake (subfamily Natricinae)
flying snake (genus Chrysopelea) brown tree snake (B. irregularis)
wolf snake (genera Cercaspis, Lycodon, and Lycophidion)
garter snake (genus Thamnophis) mussurana (Clelia clelia)
worm snake (genera Carphophis and Trachischium)
green snake (genera Opheodrys and Chlorophis) racer (various genera) Python


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Cool snake names

Snakes love hot weather, they prefer hot and humid temperatures. Some of the cool snake names are mentioned below.

Ernesto InYourShoes
Rockey Damis Damon
TinyTim Lasher Tango
Sebastian Dwayne johnson
Mr. Turtles Mohel Zap
Nemo FritoBandito Veneno
Leonardo Meaty Ruby
Squirt Virgo Spike
See more Snaps Trendy
Cup Gamal Geico


Good snake names

Snakes are not friendly in nature, many snakes do not love to be touched. Some of the good snake names are mentioned below.

Skeeter CrossFit
Spits Veneno Dopey
Scales SammyTheSnake Hunter
Tiny Olly
Mikhail Boom
Crocky Rose Snake
Zobique Romeo
Blizz Noodle Maas
Bob Kasiya


Snake names male

Snakes live in bushes, sand, and water. They are very slippery. Some of the best snake names male are mentioned below.

Jafar Ambush Rio
Medusa Such Banana
CrossFit BillCrocksby
Okolo Turkish Elvis
Upir Anyone Title
Dopey Lucy
Sirius Murray Rose
BillCrocksby Lockjaw Amunet
Oscar Alpo
new shoes
Vittorio Boots Drake


Female snake names

The ball python is estimated to be the oldest snake. It is 62 years old. Some of the best female snake names are mentioned below.

Dimples Hailie Arnie
Sniper Jukebox Murray
WarpSpeed Apollo Isela
Hubble Cheek
Tortelli Badges Sybil
Avalanche Cheek Sliver
Forrest Tony
WapSpeed Myrtle Sandy
Doc Scooter Sir Hiss
Sebastian Lancelot Bess


Famous snake names

We all have seen some the cartoons or movies like The Jungle Book, where we have seen some of the great snake characters. Some of the famous snake names are mentioned below.

Reptar Ardcheeth Alice
Zobique Severus
Luna Boom Zero
Homer Myth
Jafar Thor Pretzel
Roger Nagini
Pinky Dino Drago
Adam Allister Eddie
Leonardo Boom Kraken
Red Earth Isis


Cute snake names

Some snakes love to be handled and are very friendly. Some of the cute snake names are mentioned below you must check them out.

Sypher Scamper Spike
Athens Mohel
Not The Rock
Crunch Snuggles
Sobek Scorpio Gamal
Canibus Sabah Moco
Sunshine Queen Serato
Ixchel Exboyfriend Market
Snickers Scope Zoro
Wallace Stingy
Sage Exgirlfriend Akila


Pet snake names

Many people love to keep snakes as their pets. Corn snakes are the most popular pet snakes. Some of the best pet snake names are mentioned below.

Umbrux Noris Sun
Handbag Augustus Izzard
Xena Nugget
Chomper Michelangelo
Turkish Sport Cooper
Zenith MrTurtell Hunter
Sidenote Dude Veneno
Auth rules Dilly
Devourer Chaos
Layla Petrina Falcor


White snake names

Snakes are mostly brown and black in color. But you will find some of the white snakes also. Some of the best white snake names are mentioned below.

Lucy Pinky
Zippy Alpo Umbrux
ChaCha Roarclaw
Render Squzzeser Myth
Claws Unger Such
Baggage Salmissra
Tango Romeo
Zapp Brannigan
Pants Snout Whip
Matilda Zomglazers
Chomper Bloodjaw Zaffre


Corn snake names

As I told you that corn snakes are the most popular and friendly snakes. Some of the best corn snake names are mentioned below.

Fred Trouser Crikey
Belgarath the stranger Madusa
Aligatorade Darwin Wallet
Lockjaw Nathen Roger
Sixpack Quetzal
Quickfang Pueblo Sizzle
Sliver Red Sobek
Layla Krikey
Seviper Layla Jade
Solomon Scarlett


Black snake names

Balck snakes are the most common snakes. These snakes can e found in India and various countries. Some of the best black snake names are mentioned below.

Gullet Igor
Smiles Gladiator
Shika Evra Ariluth
Crocodile Biscuit
Tlecaxo Fred Cookie
Ariluth Zoe
Title Elvis Kirby
Umbrux Noodle Sizzle
Spits Croconaw Toothy
Spike SammyTheSnake Claws


Yellow snake names

We have explored a huge variety of snake names, now let us explore some of the best yellow snake names. Some of the best yellow snake names are mentioned below.

Subira Bomba Skorupi
Pippin Armando Dwayne
Krawk Calvin Market
Ariluth Jose
TeaBiscuit Clancy Alaskan
Akasha Scout Market
Alice Abbe Snaps
SammyTheSnake Sparticus
Thanatos Goofy
Arnie Kristina

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