10 Easy Steps to Half-Understanding Time Crystals

1.A Physicist with a Dream

time crystals were proposed as a theoretical phase of matter which would display temporal periodicity.

2.Setting Down Some Ground Rules

The concept of discrete time crystals spread throughout the world of quantum physics

3.Approaching Time Crystals

In 2016, two very important experiments were conducted using this new concept.

4.What’s So Special About Time?

despite the fact we literally exist in and travel through it each and every moment of our lives. Physicists have a hard time grasping the flow of time

5.Caught Carousing on Camera

The crystal also welcomed other magnons into the club when they were introduced.

6.What Exactly Is a Quantum Computer?

Many people confuse quantum computing with supercomputers, which are really just mainframes with ultra-powerful performance.

7.Diamond-Studded Qubits

An institute in the Netherlands called QuTech announced their success in March of 2021, using nuclear spins in a diamond

8.Google’s Turn at Temporal-Symmetry Breaking

Google’s success at creating a discrete time crystal  because the Google Quantum AI Lab, partnered with NASA.

9.Did We Break the Laws of Thermodynamics

The first and second laws of thermodynamics have been firmly established within the scientific community since the mid-19th century

10.What Can We Do with These Things Anyhow?

The bad news about the perpetual motion aspect of time crystals is that they’re probably useless, as the crystals are in their ground state