10 Times Artificial Intelligence Displayed Amazing Abilities

In 2019, a video was released on YouTube. It showed different clips of the famous Mona Lisa. Only this time, the painting was disturbingly alive.


A few years ago, Twitter trolls needed less than 24 hours to turn Microsoft’s new chatbot Tay into a neo-Nazi.

2.AI Is Prejudiced

In 2019, scientists programmed the ability to sleep into an ANN (artificial neural network) named a Hopfield network.

3.It Sleeps Like A Human

In 2017, Australian researchers took just five days to develop an anti-AI device. It was geared to solve a problem that people already face


A robot named Ai-Da is the darling of the art scene and, perhaps, the bane of struggling artists everywhere.


The AI trained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), consuming online videos to learn how to draw faces based on nothing but voices.

6.Facial Prediction From Voice Clips

At MIT’s Media Lab is a neural network unlike any other. Called Norman, Norman’s “mind” filled itself with dark thoughts. They are downright gruesome and violent.


In 2018, three different studies taught AI to turn brain waves into words. To do this.

8.AI Reads Words Inside The Brain

GPT-2 is said to be so dangerous that its developers refused to release the full version to the public.

9.AI Too Dangerous For The Public

the first time that AI managed to ace the so-called wise-men puzzle designed to test self-awareness.

10.AI Is Turning Self-Aware