Top 10 Times People Tried To Shut Down The Internet

In 2021, a man from Texas was arrested for plotting to blow up the internet.

1.Texas Man Attempts To Blow Up The Web

a Chinese man known as Liu worried that someone would upload footage of him dancing to the web.

2.Man Tries To Destroy Internet To Hide Embarrassing Footage

For sixteen months, starting in March 2018, Chad faced the longest social media blackout in African history.

3.Chad’s Year-Long Social Media Outage

The web is rife with hackers and malware, but few caused as much damage as the Mirai botnet.

4.Disruption As Mirai Botnet Attacks Dyn Servers

The Houthis are known to use the internet as a weapon, plunging the country into a web blackout.

5.Houthi Rebels Sever Yemen’s Main Cable

in Myanmar the internet is a key battlefield. When the military junta seized power in February 2021, they were keen to suppress online dissent.

6.Myanmar Coup Government Introduce Internet Shutdown

In 1988, Cornell graduate student Robert Tappan Morris was working on a way to measure the size of the internet.

7.Morris Worm, The Accidental Cyber Attack

Three scuba divers were arrested off the port of Alexandria after attempting to slice through an undersea internet cable and bring down the Egyptian web.

8.Saboteurs Try To Cut Off Internet In Egypt

The blackouts began around the time that the government introduced a contentious citizenship law in 2019.

9.India’s Long History Of Internet Shutdowns

In 2002, the internet was struck by what technology experts at the time called “the largest and most complex DDoS attack ever.”

10.Onslaught Against Internet’s Root Server System