CoupleĀ  stealing the identities of dead babies

Couple accused of stealing the identities of dead babies in Texas

A couple seen in photos wearing what appear to be KGB uniforms were accused in federal court

they were accused of stealing the identities of dead infants in Texas decades ago, according to court documents.

The photos of Walter Glenn Primrose, a defense contractor and former U.S. Coast Guard avionics technician, and his wife, Gwynn Darle Morrison,

were included in a motion to detain the couple without bail filed Monday by federal prosecutors in U.S. district court in Hawaii.

The couple is being held on charges of identity theft, conspiracy to commit an offense against the U.S., and making false statements

According to a State Department spokesperson,

a former member of the U.S. armed services and his wife, both U.S. citizens, were indicted in the case.

The spokesperson did not provide additional comments and said the Diplomatic Security Service does not discuss the details of investigations.