Top 10 Blockchain Technologies

Coinbase is a fully regulated and licensed cryptocurrency exchange in 40 U.S. states.


Mirror is a digital ledger for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions. The software provides a safe way to make or record all involved transactions.


BTC Jam gives borrowers an interest rate based on their profiles’ credit-worthiness, much like a traditional bank loan.

3.BTC Jam

it mainly conducts money transfers built on the Bitcoin network. It provides a platform allowing users to send Bitcoin from anywhere in the world.


Romit is a new global remittance platform leveraging blockchain technology.The company offers cheap, fast, and paperwork-free transactions


Align Commerce was founded in 2014 and processes payments by specializing in international bank transfers.

6.Align Commerce

Bitfury offers a suite of blockchain services. This software enables businesses and governments to secure private data on the public Bitcoin blockchain.


The company offers financial services and technology by operating an all-in-one, custodial cryptocurrency wallet and exchange


Chain Inc. is a blockchain development company specializing in building a cryptographic ledger system for financial services companies.

9.Chain Inc.

Consensus Systems  is a blockchain software technology company founded to develop decentralized software services and applications operating on the Ethereum blockchain.

10.Consensus Systems