Top 10 Low Tech Solutions To High Tech Problems

1.Ostrich feathers and carmakers

Carmakers put a lot of effort into ensuring your new vehicle rolls out of their factories with a spotless paintjob.

2.Mirrors and elevators

Manufacturers only added mirrors because they did not want to invest their time, effort and money into making faster elevators.

3.Angled runways and aircraft carriers

The angled runways were longer and solved every issue the navy had with shorter airways.

4.Playstation 3 consoles and supercomputers

The Air Force used it to process high-resolution satellite images, identify unclear objects in space and research into artificial intelligence.

5.Xbox 360 controllers and nuclear submarines

The use of Xbox controllers in US Navy submarines is a recent development. Until, the navy controlled its digital periscopes with $38,000 joysticks.


NASA uses lots of VELCRO in its projects. It even added them to spacesuit helmets so that astronauts can scratch their noses while spacewalking.

7.Rats and landmines

In 1997, an anti-landmine NGO called APOPO stepped in with a cheaper and better solution, rats.

8.A $10 domain name and WannaCry

A few years ago, the world experienced one of the worst ransomware attacks ever seen. WannaCry as it was called, infected over 300,000 computers

9.Speed tape and airplanes

Think of speed tape as the duct tape for airplanes. Like duct tape, they can fix everything

10.iPhones and the US Army Special Operations Command

The US Army Special Operations Command uses many specialized mobile apps during top military operations.