top 10 Realistic Robots That Will Freak You Out

she’s a robot, and the country in question suspected that she might be a surveillance robot.


sophia the robot hit the scene in 2016 and almost immediately went viral. She is pretty badass, especially with her Mojo Jojo-esque brain.


Geminoid DK is an ultra-realistic robot modeled after Danish professor Henrik Scharfe DK acts as Scharfe’s surrogate, and Scharfe operates it remotely.

3.Geminoid DK

Jennie is a robot therapy dog for people who cannot care for pets. It runs on batteries and doesn’t have to go to the bathroom.

4.Jennie the Robo Dog

Nadia Thalmann, is what robotics folks call a “social robot.” That means she is capable of conversation, remembering things you tell her, and learning.


The Henn na Hotel in Japan is staffed almost entirely by AIs. These AIs are not only friendly and experts in hospitality, but they are also multilingual.

6.Henn na Hotel Workers

This micro aerial vehicle (MAV), or nano-drone, was designed to fly and land perfectly on someone’s skin. An operator controls it from afar.

7.U.S. Air Force Nano-drone

PETMAN was made for just that, and yes, he was engineered to move like a soldier, too. It can squat, jump, do push-ups, and maintain homeostasis.


Diego-san is a one-year-old robot baby developed by UC San Diego, Kokoro, and Hanson Robotics in 2013.


HRP-4C can dance, but if I want jazz hands, I’m not going to get jazz hands. And her arms seem strangely long.