Top 10 Shocking Facts About Electrocution

1.Electricity does NOT enter the body

Your own electrical charge is shifted from within and the energy will arc to the easiest route out.

2.Our bodies can get thrown across the room

 Well electricity will cause you to fling across the room like a gigantic rag doll, at least sort of. while flying through room.

3.Water is not a good conductor

That’s right water is actually a terrible conductor of electricity. It can barely create any flow between its molecules from one to another because of its lack of unstable electrons.

4.Your Eyes Can Melt

They are made up of many parts that are each delicate and precise and they were never ever intended to get electrocuted.

5.Your skin can turn to charcoal

The scientific term for this is carbonization and it is a huge tipping point in your experience of being electrocuted.

6.It can change your brain!

Electricity has a way of frying a brain faster than that egg in the aforementioned drug warning.

7.Heart Failure

It is highly possible to be electrocuted and not suffer damage to any major vital organs as the current of will follow the easiest path to something grounded.

8.Cuts, Concussions, and Broken bones

Electric burns organ mishaps while among the scariest occurrences of being electrocuted they are not the most common injuries suffered during the process.

9.You can receive a static shock from small electric devices

The materials in most headphones and speakers are very conducive to the build up of static electricity

10.Pure electricity can be eaten by some bacteria

In fairly recent studies simply sticking an electrode into the ground can draw the attention of these microbes and they come running to the all they can eat buffet.