Top 10 Technologies That will make us Cyborgs

Roam Robotics and their president, Tim Swift, specialize in inflatable robotic exoskeletons. The company currently boasts two products on its website, Ascend and Forge.

1.Robotic Exoskeleton

The FDA only approved Carmat’s artificial heart, called AESON, in February of 2021. This was the first time in United States history that a patient received a fully artificial heart transplant.

2.Artificial Heart

A pacemaker is designed to prevent complications from irregular heartbeats. Dr. William Chardack, Dr. Andrew Gage, and engineer Wilson Greatbatch invented the electronic pacemaker in 1958. In 1960


I know, I know. I got excited when I read the name of this product as well. Unfortunately, IQ Buds and IQ Buds Boost do not increase your IQ.

4. IQ Buds

Unlike many other cyborg components on our list, this invention came from a major brand. In 2014, Google (ever heard of them?) submitted a patent for a digital contact lens.

5.Contact Lenses That Measure Glucose Levels

With smartphones and devices always at the ready, it can seem like the world is in your hands. While this is just a turn of phrase, some people have taken this very seriously.

6.A Microchip That Can Store Data in Your Hands

IBI, a biotech company headquartered in Switzerland, has worked to create a bone substitute designed to imitate an organic human bone. The product, called SmartBone, was introduced in 2012

7.Smart Bones

Through the use of electrodes implanted into a patient’s brain, BrainGate has restored some function to the muscles of paralyzed individuals.

8. brain gate

OpenAPS gives people with diabetes access to the technology to build their own closed-loop system. According to their website, they offer a less complex, do-it-yourself version of an Artificial Pancreas System.

9.Open Artificial Pancreas System

Pixium Vision, a French company, has made progress with a device called IRIS. However, Second Sight, a company based in the United States,

10.Second Sight and Pixium Vision