Top 10 Times Alexa Went Rogue

An ill-judged attempt to improve Alexa’s communication skills ended with the bot telling one user to murder their foster parents

1.“Kill Your Foster Parents”

No parent wants their child to hear the phrase, But sometimes an innocuous request for a children’s song can cause Alexa to start ranting about “cock pussy.”

2.Broadcasting X-Rated Content To Children

Alexa is always listening. Every purchase. Every alarm. Every song request. The bot is constantly recording personal details about its users’ lives.

3.Leaking Personal Information To A Stranger

the virtual assistant is a living nightmare. Six-year-old Alexa is constantly harassed by other children because of her name.

4.Ruining Young Alexa’s Life

Alexa is liable to become a little confused if she hears her name on the radio.

5.Hijacking The Thermostat

Children and TV presenters are inadvertently causing smart speakers to go on expensive shopping sprees.

6.Ordering Expensive Dollhouses

In a recent study carried out by We-Vibe, 28 percent of participants admitted to swooning over their virtual assistants.

7.Fancying Alexa During Lockdown

Legal experts believe the nosy AI may be snooping on their private phone calls. During the lockdown, attorneys have to work from home.

8.Snooping On Confidential Calls

 a malfunctioning smart speaker has ever done, telling someone to stab themselves in the heart has to be one of the most disturbing.

9.Stab Yourself In The Heart “For The Greater Good”

10.Hacked Devices Spy On Users

Cybersecurity expert Mark Barnes revealed how hackers could turn a smart speaker into a surveillance device.