top 10 Unusual Facts About Cryptocurrency

Security researchers in Russia have uncovered a new form of crypto cyberattack that is so powerful that it can deform smartphones.

1.Mining Malware Destroys Smartphone

The colossal surge in popularity inspired all kinds of unofficial spin-offs, including a new cryptocurrency: SQUID coin.

2.Squid Game Crypto Turns Out to Be a Scam

In August 2021, three imprisoned drug dealers became millionaires thanks to a major bureaucratic error by the Swedish government.

3.Government Mistake Sees Drug Dealers Paid Millions

There is professional software that helps police to identify crypto criminals. But the amateur sleuths work off hunches and anonymous tips.

4.The Rise of the Twitter Vigilantes

In 2021, the well-respected professional gamers FaZe Clan found themselves at the center of an online scandal after promoting the altcoin BankSocial.

5.The Weird World of Altcoin Influencers

A successful investor by the name of Mr. Goxx made headlines for his astonishing insight into the digital currency market.

6.Mr. Goxx the Trading Hamster

In May 2021, China announced that they were clamping down on cryptocurrency.

7.China’s Crypto Crackdown

In 2021, scammers hoodwinked investors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars using a fake takeaway delivery service.

8.The Elaborate CryptoEats Scam

the Poly Network heist was no typical affair. It was an entire saga, mostly due to the strange moral compass of the person who carried it out.

9.The Bizarre Tale of the Poly Network Heist

Gerald Cotten was the CEO of QuadrigaCX—one of Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange sites.

10.The Mysterious Death of QuadrigaCX’s CEO