Top 10 Ways That Technology Has Destroyed Privacy

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Thanks to technology, you can now use your eyes, fingers, or face for identification. Biometric scanners are undoubtedly fast, convenient, and almost secure.

1.The Untold Side of Biometric Scanners

Imagine sitting in your house talking to the love of your life, talking about all the things that even the walls must not hear, only to notice that a third party is listening to your conversation.

2.Voice Interception

Showbiz celebrities have mostly been on the end of internet data and document leaks. this is only so because of their status and the positions they assume in the community.

3.The Internet Doesn’t Forget, Nor Is It Ever Full

When you visit a website, and it asks you to “allow or reject cookies,” the page owner is simply “seeking permission” to monitor your online activities.

4.Online Cookies

Zoom is one of the most popular teleconferencing platforms. It gained its fame when most people were required to work from home.

5.Video Conferencing, Webinars.

GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System. Given that it is available globally and is powered by world satellites, people rely on it to travel anywhere they want.

6.GPS Tracking

Internet Service Providers, popularly known as ISPs, provide customers with an internet connection at a cost.

7.Internet Service Providers’ Uncontrolled Privileges

Remote desktop applications such as TeamViewer and AnyDesk have become extremely useful, especially after the pandemic rocked the world.

8.Remote Desktop Applications

Audio recorders are one of the biggest privacy invaders in the history of technological developments.

9.Audio Recordings

social media: As it stands, over 4.2 billion people worldwide use different social media platforms, with all demanding that users give up some level of their privacy. media