57 Stranger Things Jokes and Puns that will crack you up

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If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, then you know that the show is full of jokes. From Eleven’s iconic line “Friends don’t lie” to Dustin’s constant references to Dungeons and Dragons, there’s plenty of humor to be found in the Netflix series.

But what are the best Stranger Things jokes? We’ve compiled a list of our favorites, so you can enjoy them all over again.


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Best Stranger Things Jokes

Why did the husband refuse to watch Dr. Strange for a movie night with his wife?

He had Stranger Things to watch.

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Stranger Things Jokes 1

What time would it be if Vecna came to school?

Time to run.

Stranger Things Jokes 2

What is Mike Wheeler’s favourite band?

Finger Eleven.

Stranger Things Jokes 3

Where do people in the upside down go to get a haircut?

At the Barber shop.

What does Joyce do when she’s alone?

Sit byer self.

Lucas: Are you from the Upside down?

Max: No… Why?

Lucas: Cause you’re demo-gorgeous.

What’s the best way to talk to The Mind Flayer?

From a distance.

Stranger Things Jokes 4

What would you name Will if he was one of the Wheelers?

Third Wheeler.

Stranger Things Jokes 5

What is Eleven’s favourite Disney Song?

Let Eggo, Let Eggo from Frozen.

What did Dr Martin Brenner take to freshen his breath?


Funny Stranger Things Jokes

Why should Stranger Things be called Familiar Things?

C’mon those kids have been fighting strange things for four seasons now.

Stranger Things Jokes 6

What are schools called in upside down?

Ghoul school.

What’s a demogorgon’s favourite toy?


Stranger Things Jokes 7

What’s the difference between Netflix and a Bass guitar?

Netflix has Stranger Things 4 and a Bass guitar has 4 Strange Strings.

Why was Joyce Byers obsessed over magnets?

On a normal day, she just finds them attractive.

Stranger Things Jokes 8

Where did Vecna go for 8 years?

On a diet.

Why do they have a fence around the Hawkins National Laboratory?

Because everyone was dying to get in!

Stranger Things Jokes 9

What did the Demogorgon eat after having his teeth out?

The dentist.

Stranger Things Jokes 10

Why did The Mind Flayer’s mum knit him 5 socks?

She heard he grew another leg!

What’s Eleven’s favorite Pizza Joint?

Pa-Pa Johns.

Joyce Byers in Season 1: I need to find my son!!

Joyce Byers in Season 2: I need to save my son!!

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Joyce Byers in Season 3: Why aren’t these magnets working?

Joyce Byers in Season 4: I need to find Hop!!

Stranger Things Jokes 11

Stranger Things Jokes to tell friends

What is Steve Harrington’s favorite cryptocurrency exchange?


What is the most accurate part of Stranger Things?

That a hell dimension would exist under a small town in Indiana.

Stranger Things Jokes 12

What do people in the upside-down say on Friday night?

“Wanna go to the barb?”

How did the Stranger Things kids clean up Hawkins?


Stranger Things Jokes 13

In an upside-down jungle, how do you seek help?

With a mind flare.

Where do Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers go on date?

Monster hunting.

Stranger Things Jokes 14

Why does Hopper prefer coffee over tea in the mornings?

He likes stronger things.

Stranger Things Jokes 15

What award do monsters from Stranger Things get?

An emmygorgon.

What do you call a cool officer from Hawkins?

Hip Hopper.


Stranger Things Jokes and Puns

What do Will Smith and Will Byers have in common?

Their lives turned upside down in a single show.

Stranger Things Jokes 16

What is the full form of BDSM?


What’s consistent in every season of Stranger Things?

Steve Harrington losing more brain cells and gaining more children.

Stranger Things Jokes 17

What do you call it when Michael Wheeler gets married to Eleven?

Mike taking an El.

How do you know Dustin will be a great dad?

Because he is good at cracking dad jokes (Hint: BAT-tle and Watergate).

Stranger Things Jokes 18

Why does Suzie Bingham celebrate Christmas on Halloween?

Because Oct31 = Dec²⁵

Why was Lucas Sinclair shocked?

Because Lucas Virtueclair walked in season 5.

What was the last message received by Nancy after season 2?

Steve says, “I saw you dancing with my son, care to explain?”

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Stranger Things Jokes 19

What is Hopper’s favourite kind of car?

A lexi

Conan Stranger Things Jokes

What’s the most popular Stranger Things rhyme?

Roses are red, Will wasn’t in his bed, I hope you’re enjoying your chicken, Ted.

What would have happened if Argyle had smoked weed in Saudi Arabia?

He would have got stoned.

Stranger Things Jokes 20

What is a Demogorgon’s favorite event?


Eleven and eight are on a boat, and eight falls, what’s left?


Stranger Things Jokes 21

Who is the best chef in the upside down?

Demo-Gorgon Ramsay.

Stranger Things Jokes 22

What does Finn Wolfhard do when he cracks a good joke?

He drops the Mike.

What music band is sure to give Eleven a reaction?

The Mamas & the Papas.

Stranger Things Jokes 23

What does Joyce do when she has a flat tire and she needs to fix it?

She calls the wheeler family.

Stranger Things Jokes 24

What is the similarity between Eleven and Donald Trump?

Both have an Eggo problem.

Who is supposed to play the villain in Season 5?

Demi Moore-gon.

What is the similarity between Alexei and Traditional TV?

Both were killed by Netflix.

Stranger Things Jokes 25


Conclusion Of Stranger Things Jokes

In conclusion, the jokes in Stranger Things are funny because they are clever and reference pop culture. The writers clearly have a good sense of humor and know how to make the audience laugh. Stranger Things Jokes was a light-hearted read that delivered some good laughs. The author did a great job of creating jokes that were clever and not too over-the-top.



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