768+ Unique, Popular, Beautiful, Cool and Common Swedish girl names

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Swedish girls are known for their polite and friendly nature. They often have a strong work ethic and are very reliable. They love spending time with family and friends and are often the life of the party. Swedish girls are also quite modest, which can make them seem shy at first glance. We will be taking a look at some of the best Swedish girl names in this blog.

Swedish girls are said to be some of the most beautiful in the world. Their blond hair and blue eyes are a stark contrast to their Scandinavian countrymen, who are often more rugged looking. Swedish girls tend to be sweet-natured and gentle, which may come as a surprise considering their reputation for being strong-willed and independent. They are often very successful in the workplace, but they also enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Tips to choose the perfect Swedish Girl name

Swedish girls’ names are some of the most unique and beautiful in the world. The following tips can help you choose the perfect one for your daughter.

  • Start by considering your daughter’s personality. Do you want a name that is playful or serious? Does she like flowers or nature? Figure out what kind of name will fit her best.
  • Think about your daughter’s location and ethnicity. Are there any Swedish names that fit her perfectly? Or do you want to find a name that is popular in Sweden but might not be as well-known elsewhere?
  • Consider how you would pronounce the name. Is it easy to say or would pronouncing it correctly takes some effort? Some Swedish names are also spelled with two syllables, such as Emmy, unlike English names which typically have one syllable (Emma).

Swedish Girl names

Swedish girls are traditionally sweet and gentle. They have a reputation for being polite and considerate, and they often enjoy spending time alone. Swedish women are often quite successful in business, but they also enjoy spending time with friends and family. Some of the best Swedish girl names are mentioned below.

Katja Sohlmann Astrid Källström
Else-Maj Engdahl
Rebecka Lindström Tone Nordström
Nadia Dahlström
Eva-Stina Brodd Vilma Heidenstam
Inger Ekman
Elise Paulsson Ella Hansson
Emmy Holmquist
Vilda Lindholm Marie Kroon
Ida Mörner
Klara Lundholm Locis Larsson
Rebecca Antonsson
Tindra Enquist Malin Jönsson
Elvira Bolander
Michelle Skoog Miranda Sundström
Viola Posse
Janina Bergman Linn Ceder
Tullia Hägglund
Lizette Wahlström Michaela Ekblad
Juliette Olsson


Unique Swedish girl names

Sweden is known for its unique and sometimes humorous names. Some of the more well-known Swedish names include Gösta, Lotta, Monica, Jesper, and Oscar. Some of these names may be familiar to foreigners but others are quite unique. Some of the most unique Swedish girl names are mentioned below.

  • Viviana Holgersson
  • Viveka Crusenstolpe
  • Birgitta Skoglund
  • Nora Haglund
  • Birgitta Lundholm
  • Andrea Rosenquist
  • Nichole Hagström
  • Vera Hägg
  • Christina Blix
  • Eleonora Lindholm

Popular swedish girl names

Swedes have some of the most popular baby names in the world. In a survey conducted by Swedish company Baby Names Finder, names like Emil, Elsa, and Isabella topped the list. These infant monikers are particularly popular in Sweden, but they’ve also become increasingly common around the world. Interestingly enough, not every Swede is content with these top picks. Some of the popular Swedish girl names are mentioned below.

Ragnil Cederström Erika Qvist
Britt Oström
Monica Löfgren Elvira Skoglund
Marie Sjöholm
Simone Odenberg Inger Lagerfeld
Freya Engström
Marie-Sofie Jonsson Tilda Sjöberg
Vilda Gunnarsson
Angela Cederström Rut Sundqvist
Denise Richardsson
Millan Holm Adele Wallin
Miranda Norddahl
Sofia Lindahl Viola Gylling
Charlotta Naslund
Karin Sandberg Ulla Jakobsson
Minna Järnefelt
Ellen Jansson Greta Olander
Emma Aalberg
Viviana Malmquist Gabriella Cederström
Kristina Järnefelt


Beautiful Swedish girl names

Sweden is a country with a rich history and culture. Names in Sweden have been traditionally very beautiful, poetic, and unique. Today, many Swedish names are still very popular and elegant. Some of the beautiful Swedish girls names are mentioned below.

Mirabella Egnell Berit Lindblom
Smilla Sandell
Ann-Louise Sanddahl Therese Borgström
Gun-Britt Lindbergh
Cecilia Malmqvist Britt-Louise Rosenqvist
Isabelle Johnsson
Vera Rosenquist Malin Ohlsson
Sara Löfgren
Christin Hopp Kristin Vikström
Michelle Anderberg
My Ahlgren Maj-Gun Dahlberg
My Marklund
Monica Sjöström Filippa Jakobsson
Margit Lundström
Irene Gylling Annika Aalberg
Josefine Ulf
Angelina Ljung Isabella Björk
Ingiärd Lundquist
Cecilia Edgren Alina Södergren
Adelina Rehnquist


Cool swedish girl names

Sweden is known for its cool names. Some of the most popular Swedish names include Elias, Emil, Alexander, and Emma. These are some of the most popular Swedish baby names in 2017. In fact, Emil was the fastest-growing name in Sweden last year. Some of the cool Swedish girl names are mentioned below.

  • Eva-Stina Akerström
  • Ines Ohly
  • Freya Cederblom
  • Inger Akerström
  • Lovisa Hellberg
  • Rebecka Lagerfelt
  • Iris Åberg
  • Denise Holmqvist
  • Klara Hägg
  • Britt-Marie Svärd

Common swedish girl names

Swedish is a language with a complex and interesting history. It is the official language of Sweden, an important member of the Nordic Council, and one of the languages of the European Union. Swedes are also well-known for their relaxed and easygoing culture. Some of the most common Swedish girl names ar mentioned below.

Milly Samuelsson Lisette Olofsson
Smilla Richardsson
Samantha Ekdahl Viola Ekholm
Lisette Lagerfeld
Kristin Lundmark Jesca Sköld
Charlotta Malmsten
Lina Lundholm Rebecka Edlund
Josefina Hellquist
Helena Molander Irma Johansson
Iris Blomgren
Freya Hedberg Hedvig Jacobsson
Selma Söderberg
Bea Hjertsson Olivia Dahlman
Hedda Dahlin
Clara Anderberg Erica Magnusson
My Jansson
Tyra Berglund Else-Maj Dahlgren
Jackie Hammarberg
Samanta Ekman Beatrice Nordström
Kristin Hammarström



What are some of the best Swedish Girl names?

Some of the best Swedish girl names are mentioned below:

  • Lizette Persson
  • Sanna Ohlin
  • Christina Lindblad
  • Tullia Ström
  • Petronella Hägglund
  • Isabelle Hellquist
  • Ragierdh Larsson
  • Mira Ekblad
  • Ingrid Sandin
  • Kristina Olsson

What are some of the unique Swedish girl names?

Some of the unique Swedish girl names are mentioned below:

  • Lizette Odenberg
  • Gun Mattson
  • Maj-Britt Sjöberg
  • Christine Posse
  • Kristina Lindqvist
  • Lena Dahlgren
  • Birgit Edgren
  • Felicia Blomqvist
  • Sonja Grönberg
  • Adele Lindskog


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