57 Toe Jokes and puns that will crack you up 😃

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Toe jokes are always a popular topic among comedians. After all, everyone has toes and they’re usually pretty funny-looking. But why are toe jokes so popular?

Well, for one thing, they’re easy to make. Just about anything can be a toe joke, from the way they look to the way they smell. And because everyone has them, toe jokes are relatable. Everyone can laugh at a good toe joke, even if they don’t have the best sense of humor.

So next time you’re looking for a good laugh, try telling a few toe jokes. You might just be surprised at how funny they can be!

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Toe jokes

What do you call a guy with a rubber toe?


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Toe jokes 1


What did one cell say to his sister cell who stubs his toe?

Hey, mitosis!

Toe jokes 2


Why did the man tip-toe in the medical closet?

He did not want to wake the sleeping pills.

Toe jokes 3


What does Will Smith call his toes?

They are my leg end.

Toe jokes 4


Why was the toe repeatedly ticking off the other toes?

Because it has the toe-rette’s syndrome!

Toe jokes 5


Why did God add the little toe onto our feet?

For the furniture.

Toe jokes 6


What did the man call the bee that had a toe?


Toe jokes 7


How do feet store their memories in life?

They take a lot of pho-toes.

Toe jokes 8


Why did the toe stop driving the toe truck?

Because there was toe-rrential rain!


Which toes make a great mouth freshener?


Toe jokes 9


What is the kind of toe that is bad for someone’s health?

It is a toe-baco!

Toe jokes 10


For which food item is toe spice a perfect seasoning?

A toe-fu!

Toe jokes 11

Camel Toe Jokes

What should one use to moisturize and define their toes?

They should use a toe-ner!

Toe jokes 12


What do you call a man with only one toe and one knee?

You can call him Tony.

Toe jokes 13


Why was the foot smiling?

Because it was toe happy to not smile.

Toe jokes 14


Why do you think cows have hooves instead of feet?

Because they lack toes.

Toe jokes 15


Why did the feet get a good workout at ballet class?

Because ballet keeps them on their toes.

Toe jokes 16


What is the foot’s favorite chocolate?


Toe jokes 17


What is a foot’s favorite vegetable?


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Toe jokes 18


What is the best place for two feet to kiss during Christmas?

Under the mistle-toe.

Toe jokes 19


What did Harry say when he stubbed the toe while entering the principal’s chamber?

Dumb el door.

Toe jokes 20


Why was the song about toes so good?

Because it had a great toe-ne to it!

Toe jokes 21


What did you call a person who can draw the toes of different people with accuracy?

A toe-pographer!

Toe jokes 22


Why was the toe swollen and itchy?

Because it had a severe case of toe-nsilitis!

Toe jokes 23


Missing Toe Jokes

Whom did the man call instead of a doctor after hurting his feet while driving?

He called the toe truck.

Toe jokes 24


What is the boy called if he’s stung by a bee on his foot?

You call him Toby.

Toe jokes 25


How did the math teacher teach geometry with fractured hands?

She would just toe the line.


What did the doctor call a prosthetic toe’s picture?

It’s a faux-toe.


Why did the toe crack?

Because it was being toe-rtured!


What did T-Rex say to the doctor when it hurt the toe?

I am dino sore.


What does the doctor call to take care of a sore toe?

A toe truck.


Why did half the world disappear when Thanos stubbed his foot?

Because he snapped.


What did the cat do after hitting her foot?

Nothing, it me-owwwed.


Why kind of food did the vegetarian chef eat with his feet?

He would eat with his toe whenever he got some great toe-fu.


What is the name of the movie where all the toes are called back to the Toe Kingdom?

The movie is called Toe-tal Recall!


What is toe with a minty flavor called?

A tic-tac-toe.


What reason did the man give for leaving his son with broken toes?

“Son I am sorry, but I am lack toes intolerant”.

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How would a toe say goodbye to another?

Catch you toemorrow!

Broken Toe Jokes

What footwear do astronauts get home during Christmas?

Missile toe.


 What is the special food that the Italian man with the weird toes makes?

He makes amazing toe-rtellinis!


 What do you call a sandwich with toe jam on it?

It’s a toest.


Why did the toe visit the doctor?

It wanted to heel.


 What is the name of the toe that has an ax with him?

You call him a toe-mahawk!


What did the mathematician say when he dipped his foot in the pool?



Why are Mike Tyson’s tiger’s toenails fascinating?

Because they are in-growl-thing.


What did the girl with no fingertips but just toe tips do?

She tip-toed everywhere.


How does one get used to the idea of toe fungus?

You let it grow on you.


 What is a frog’s favorite kind of footwear?

The open toe-d sandals.


What is the name of the book based on a place named after Jamaican toes?

It is called ‘The Count of Mon-Toe Cristo’!


What do you do when the toe gets jammed?

Put it on toast and eat toe jam.

Funny Toe Jokes

Are you my pinky toe?

Because I want to bang you on every piece of furniture in the house.


What did the cell say when his sister stepped on his toe?



I once amputated a man’s toe and replaced it with a prosthetic made from a breath mint.

I gave him a Tic Tac toe.


What has five toes but isn’t your foot?

My foot.


What’s the difference between a camera and a sock?

A camera takes photos and a sock takes 5 toes.


If athletes get athlete’s foot, what do astronauts get?

Missile toe


What is a foot fetishist’s favorite snack?

Free toes


Why did the blonde tip toe near the medicine cabinet?

Because she didn’t want to wake the sleeping pills.


What does the Neanderthal cat say when he stubs his toe?

Me. Ow!


Why can’t Lebron James stand on his tippy toes?

He gets no support from his Cavs


What do you call a forum based around toe injuries?

A stubbreddit


If a ring for a toe is a toe ring…

Then shouldn’t a ring for a finger be a *fingering*


Can’t move your toe after a bad stub?

No problem, just call a toetruck.


Conclusion Of Toe Jokes

In conclusion, although toe jokes may not be the most popular type of joke, they can still be funny. If you’re looking for a laugh, why not try telling a toe joke the next time you’re with friends?

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