Unique Bratz Names You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

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Bratz is an American-style doll and media franchise created via way of means of former Mattel worker Carter Bryant for MGA Entertainment. Bratz was launched in 2001 to spread the idea of love and equality. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best Bratz characters and their amazing names.

Bratz means an ill-mannered child. The idea behind Bratz was to spread the message of unity and love, but since the release of the Bratz, it received a lot of hate and backlashes. Since people believe that Bratz uses to promote negative body image among girls and children.

Bratz was banned for many reasons, they were banned for promoting negative ideas to society. Bratz also faced some backlash due to the manufacture of their products. So let us dive into some of the best Bratz names.


What is Bratz?

Bratz was a TV series that was produced with the help of animation and the idea was to promote toys with the same name. It was produced by Mike Young Productions and MGA Entertainment and was first released from September 10, 2005, to October 14, 2006. It was popular but faced a lot of backlashes, because of the manufacture and the idea. People believed that Bratz promoted negative body image. The story revolves around four teen girls who are focussed on their magazines. In 2021 a new web series named “Talkin’ Bratz” featured a similar animation with some originality taken from Bratz(2005).

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What are the main characters of Bratz?

The main characters are very interesting since this series produced 2 seasons, which was loved and hated by a huge number of crowd. Let us take a look at some of the main characters of this series.


Cloe was famous for her romantic and dreamy behavior. Cloe is in fee of the “Dear Cloe” column withinside the magazine, wherein readers write to her for some advice. Cloe is highly dramatic she loves drama and loves to create drama. She plays the role of a tomboy and loves to ride skateboards and motorbikes. She is a great actor and is brilliant at debating. Cloe loves shopping and trying some new fashion.


Sasha is also known as the Bunny Boo, she was voiced by Tia Mowry in season 1, and in season 2 she was voiced by Dorla Bell. This character is introduced to us by some bold and sassy behavior. We can see that she loves hip-hop dancing and is a great music editor. Sasha’s character became famous because of her catch line which was “Let’s move people”. Viewers loved this character and the representation of this character.


Jade is an open and very sensitive character in this entire series. This character is also known as the kool kat. Jade is a fashion editor and she has a bubbly, open, and sensitive personality. She decided to launch her own magazine after she was kicked out of her internship where she was serving as an Intern for a “Your Thing” magazine. She was kicked by Burdine Maxwell.

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Burdin Maxwell

Burdin Maxwell yes you guessed it right she is the head of “Your Thing Magazine”, she is the one who kicked Jade from her magazine. After being kicked out by Burdin Maxwell, Jade decided to launch her own magazine. Burdin Maxwell is very rude and is mostly angry. After kicking Jade without any proper reason, she claimed herself as the “Reigning Queen of Fashion”.


Kirstee is the oldest of the Tweevils. This character was famous because of her crown-shaped hair tie. Kirstee was voiced by Kaley Cuoco in season 1 and by Ashleigh Ball in season 2. She is the oldest so she is the intelligent one and loves to take a lead.


Kaycee is the youngest of the Tweevils and her character became famous for her bun with a ribbon-shaped hair tie. She was voiced by Lacey Chabert in season 1 and by Kelly Sheridan in season 2. She has a very sharp and higher voice than the other girls. She is less intelligent and her catchphrase is “Oh my Nose!”.

Famous Bratz episode

There were a total of 2 seasons for this show. The first season was loved by a huge number of viewers, and season 1 was greatly appreciated, but season 2 faced a huge amount of hate and backlash. There are a total of 26 episodes in season 1 and in season 2 there were only 17 episodes. After season 2 this show was banned and in 2008 the production for this show was closed.

Bye, bye Burdine:

After Burdine kicked Jade out of her magazine, the Tweevils decided to take revenge by detaining her from her own magazine publication. This is a very interesting episode.

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