400+ Mexican Girl names: Unique,common and popular

Are you looking for mexican girl names? We have provided many different cool names for your baby. Scroll down to find it.

Mexican Girls are defined as cheerful and very open-minded. They are friendly and always are in the mood of having fun. If I talk about the appearance of Mexican Gils they have big eyes with brown or black hair. Mexican food is also very famous all over the world.

Chilaquiles is one of the most loved breakfasts in the entire world. Huevos Rancheros is another wonderful dish that is famous and very common in Mexico.

Mexican women are very outgoing and loud. In Mexican society, tall and blond women are considered the most beautiful woman.

The physical characteristics of Mexican women are, that many Mexican women are tall and skinny. They have big eyes and long black or brown hair.

How girls are named in Mexico?

Everyone wants to name their child the best name that they can ever get. Most common Mexican girls’ names are Sofia, Regina, Valentina, Victoria, etc. Mexican names are long because they prefer to add the mother and father or paternal family name after their name.

If you are thinking of naming your child a Mexican name, you need to understand the meanings and the history behind the name. Names in Mexico are very meaningful and have a great history. You must understand Mexican traditions and should name your child according to them.

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Many names in Mexico are very religious or some saint’s names. After all this, you got an idea that Mexico is a very religious country and holds a huge history behind every name. So it is not so easy to name a Mexican baby.

Some examples of Mexican girl names are Maria, Sofia, Elena, Gabriela, etc.

mexican girl names

Cute Mexican Girl Names

Mexico has a population of 130.26 million of which 51.08% is the female population in Mexico. When the population is huge the names are very different in each part of the country. Some of the Cute Mexican Girl names are listed below.

Sofía Ximena Elizabeth
Regina Ivana Daniela
Valentina Julieta Samantha
Victoria Luciana Guadalupe
Isabella Aitana Andrea
Camila Mía Sara
Mariana Lucía Elisa
Romina Fernanda Yamileth
Renata Valeria Melissa
Natalia Emilia Fátima


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Unique Mexican Girl Names

Every country has some of the most unique names. After exploring some cute names it is time for some of the unique Mexican Girl names. Some of the Unique Mexican girl names are listed below.

Olivia Martina Sara
Ava Lucía Antonella
Isabella Luciana Lia
Camila Catalina Aitana
Luna Elena Sarah
Emily Julieta Sara
Victoria Mía Elisa
Aurora Valeria Yamileth
Nova Amelia Melissa
Emilia Regina Fátima


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Pretty Mexican Girl names

Each and every name has its own meaning. The meaning is something that makes the name pretty. Some of the pretty Mexican Girls’ names are listed below.

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Daniela Martina Roma
Paula Lucía Chloe
Zoe Luciana Lara
Mariana Catalina Clara
Natalia Elena Delfina
Romina Julieta Miranda
Julia Maria Gianna
Alana Paula Fernanda
Abigail Alba Celeste
Josefina Noa Guadalupe


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Beautiful Mexican Girl Names

Each and every name is beautiful because each name has some great meaning and some of the greatest histories behind it. Some of the most Beautiful Mexican Girl names are listed below.

Vega Vera Isabella
Claudia Adriana Juanita
Jimena Ines Carmen
Abril Marta Angel
Ana Carlota Lula
Laia Irene Guadalupe
Triana Blanca Liliana
Candela Paula Yesenia
Alejandra Alba Kassandra
Josefina Noa Lizbeth


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Mexican girl names that start with ‘a’

There are a huge variety of names in the world, but while naming the first word that comes to our mind is the letter ‘a’. Since the letter ‘a’ is the first alphabet so it has a huge number of names. Some of the Mexican girl names that start with the letter ‘a’ are listed below.

Ava Amelia Athena
Abigail Avery Andrea
Aria Aubrey Adalyn
Addison Audrey Ariel
Aurora Anna Aliyah
Aaliyah Allison Anastasia
Adeline Alexa Amaya
Ariana Alice Alaina
Autumn Aubree Angelina
Arianna Adalynn Amara


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Common Mexican Girl Names

Mexico is a country with a huge population and when the population is huge you can easily find two or three people with the same name in a group of 20 to 5 people. Some of the most common Mexican girl names are listed below.

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Amelia Alayna Alyssa
Maritza Angela Arya
Susana Alexandria Alexis
Noemi Ariel Arabella
Perla Aliyah Amy
Esperanza Anastasia Adaline
Nayeli Amaya Alina
Lupe Alaina Adelyn
Araceli Angelina Ana
Dulce Amara Adriana
Alexandra Alana Ayla


Popular Mexican Girl names

There are a lot of popular names in Mexico. After visiting various categories of names it is time for exploring some of the most popular Mexican Girl names.

Itzel Martina Alayna
Lesly Lucía Angela
Estrella Luciana Paula
Josefina Catalina Alba
Rocio Elena Noa
America Julieta Vega
Maricela Mía Adelyn
Lizette Valeria Alaina
Angelita Amelia Angelina
Mariela Regina Amara
Amiyah Alexandra Alana


Rare Mexican Girl names

Rare names or we call them some of the most unique names are popular everywhere. In Mexico some of the rare names are Gracia, Fernanda, Isabella, etc are some of the rare names in Mexico. Rare Mexican Girl names are listed below.

Angel Esperanza Rocio
Lula Nayeli America
Guadalupe Lupe Maricela
Liliana Araceli Lizette
Yesenia Dulce Angelita
Kassandra Lilliana Mariela
Lizbeth Itzel Adelyn
Maritza Lesly Alaina
Susana Estrella Angelina
Noemi Josefina Amara
Perla Alivia Ana


What is the most common name in Mexico?

The most common names in Mexico are Tierra which means Earth, Paloma which means Dove, and Vittoria which means Victory. These were some of the most common names in Mexico.

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