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Sexy gifs

Some users might be tired of the constant uploads of the latest meme or video. That's why they need some "spice" in their lives, and sexy gifs are a great way to do just that. The best thing about this is that it doesn't require any kind of effort from you - just a click, and you're all done. .There are so many sexy gifs to choose from, but for a good laugh, some of the top searches include: "sexy anime girls," "sexy lingerie girl," and "boobs." According to Google Trends, these are some of the top trending searches.

Hot gif

Giphy changed the culture of video content by adding hot gifs to the list of formats on their library. Hot gifs are a type of format that is usually animated, it can be as short or long as the creator needs, and they are perfect for use on social media platforms. To create a hot gif, upload your desired footage to Giphy and then click on ‘Share’. On the bottom right corner of the screen there will be an option called ‘Create GIF’ with a red arrow beside it. Click on this and choose your desired size for the gif- 10 seconds or longer. A hot gif is typically an animated image, which can be either short or long as needed by its maker, that is ideally suited for use on social media platforms such as facebook, instagram etc.

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