15 Best Soccer Podcasts {Recommended List}

Soccer is one of the favorable sports for players that have the power to dominate the lives of fans. Soccer is not only match day on Saturday but the way to build up the entire week, from TV debates to managing press conferences, think pieces, and player interviews on the back pages of newspapers. In the past few years, the football media world has seen a new platform to take center stage in discussions of players and attract fans, such as podcasts.

Podcasts have gained huge popularity in the soccer world, and fans have benefited more from them. Nowadays, there are many of the best soccer podcasts available that clubs own. In fact, the pundits, journalists, current players and ex-players have turned their hands to podcasting to make audio content, give insights to their fans and make soccer games more beautiful. Let’s dive into this article to learn about these top 15 soccer podcasts.

Best Soccer Podcasts

1. The Guardian Football Weekly

The Guardian Football Weekly is a top soccer podcast Presented by sports journalist and previous Soccer AM host Max Rushden alongside Barry Glendenning. It functions with a variety of articulate, sensible writers and pundits like Jonathan Liew, Barney Ronay, Nedum Onuoha, and Robyn Cowen.

The severe issues the podcast tackles, which have covered disability and accessibility in the game, racism in soccer, and the human rights problems that plagued the 2022 Qatar World Cup, have brought about Football Weekly – available to pay attention to right here – becoming one of the most broadly respected football pods round.

2. ‘Men In Blazers’

Just touch something to warm your coronary heart, bring a grin to your face and fill your eardrums with banter, English accents and cheeky humour from bald dudes in blazers. It’s a Premier League podcast from an American attitude, with lots of European soccer chat to go along with it. This is your pod for banter, tangents, and tales that might be football-associated or a 10-minute anecdote from adolescence.

3. Peter Crouch Podcast

Peter Crouch’s podcast is commenced by A former football player in the Premier League. It came in 2018. Besides doing the robot, the former striker has shown podcasting as a talent we didn’t recognize he had. Crouch’s podcast does an excellent activity of setting the listener on the sector and explaining particular scenarios with the informality of communication between friends. He’s blanketed the entirety, from taking a seat at the group bus to perfecting the art of tackling in soccer.

4. The Totally Football Show

The totally football show is also listed among top podcast list. Hosted by James Richardson, the display has a lighthearted personality with thrilling takes on the EPL from diverse contributors and guests. Richardson has been masking soccer in a podcast for a long term. He formerly hosted The Guardian’s Football Weekly from 2006-2017 before beginning his very own podcast in 2017 with Muddy Knees Media, which he’s a shareholder of.

5. Football Ramble

Football Ramble is one of the best soccer podcasts that previews the weekend’s soccer on Friday with outlandish predictions and active competitions. The Football Ramble is a show dedicated to showing the humorous aspect of football. If you are after a mild-hearted lens on the week’s soccer, the Ramble is the area for you.

6. The Price of Football

The Kevin Day and Kieran Maguire Price of Football podcasts have finished loads of high-quality work when it comes to broadening people’s knowledge of how soccer price range paintings. With a clear and informed fashion and the assist of fellow presenter Kevin Day (a well-cherished soccer writer and stand-up comic), Maguire spends each episode analyzing a special topical vicinity of finance in football, whether or not it is exploring the nuts and bolts of how Financial Fair Play works, analyzing the misconduct that has led closer to a crew receiving a factors deduction, or speak about the information of shirt sponsorships and different big brand deals in soccer.

7. The 2 Robbies

The 2 Robbies podcast is Hosted by NBC Sports analysts Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe. It features a deep analysis by the soccer duo of the state-of-the-art affairs in the game. The former football gamers offer first-rate statements and top insight into the English Premier League and all it has to offer. Both hosts do an exquisite job of giving the listener a peek into the physical and intellectual issues of the game.

8. World soccer talk

In addition to chats about football from around the world, the World Soccer Talk podcast solutions a query we’ve all had each unmarried weekend for the past ten years – what channels and streaming websites are displaying football, especially the suits I need to watch this weekend? They’ll examine coverage first-class and viewing alternatives for the American soccer fan, in addition to interviews with the likes of Taylor Twellman and Derek Rae and, ultimately, a wide variety of coverage, making this a solid addition to your soccer podcast lineup.

9. Upfront Podcast

Created underneath the Football Ramble umbrella, this podcast is devoted totally to women’s match football, and it is one of the most exciting women’s soccer suggests there may be.

Transferred to its own flourishing platform after the success of the Football Ramble: Upfront coverage of Women’s EURO 2022, the display sees hosts Rachel O’Sullivan and previous Spurs and Crystal Palace goalkeeper Chloe Morgan discuss all corners of women’s soccer, with help from other professional pundits like creator and QPR fan Flo Lloyd-Hughes.

10. Zonal marking

Featuring the king of approaches himself, Michael Cox, as properly other entire and utter football nerds, the Zonal Marking Podcast breaks down contemporary and historical soccer suits, formations, coaching structures and more in digestible and comprehensible chunks. This one is for the snobs, the purists, and the humans wondering what clearly makes Pep Guardiola the most elite supervisor of all time.

11. We came to win.

Gimlet Media and Nando Villa’s tag-team effort to convey you the best stories from the world’s finest carrying event. Relive the moments you keep in mind and the earth-shattering instances you weren’t even alive for on this journalistic and exceptionally engrossing retelling of the World Cup’s most iconic moments.

12. Villa Army

The legitimate podcast for the legit El Tri assists organizations within the United States. Catch news and discussion from Pancho Villa’s Army participants and fanatics, with insight on the Mexican side of the sport both within the States, south of the border and across the pond. Fun laid again, however still analytical and well-informed, it’s a perfect manner to live on the pinnacle of Mexican football and perhaps consider joining the Stateside aid of the MNT.

13. The eagle eye

Your definitive English-talking podcast masking all matters, Club América. Great analysis, great discussion and some other one of the few podcasts to move deep within the CONCACAF Champions League; it’s a top-notch listening alternative for América lovers, particularly stateside.

14. Arseblog — ‘The Arsecasts’

The Arseblog podcast is well Known because of the original Arsenal Podcast. It is the No. 1 audio podcast for anyone who is crazy about Arsenal’s Football Club. Started returned in 2006, the display airs twice every week. An extension of the weblog that covers Arsenal, the Arsecast covers the whole thing underneath the sun when it comes to the arena-famous club. Hosted by Andrew Mangan and James McNicholas, the show has built up a robust following with a mix of significant evaluations of the football membership, jumbled in with levity and a pinch of swearing whilst essential.

15. Football Cliches

Another show that is part of The Athletic’s podcast network, Football Cliches, is ideal for all and sundry who are interested in nerding out about the peculiar bits of speech, language, and cliches that dominate football discourse.

Presented by using Athletic creator Adam Hurrey, who has emerged as a Twitter phenomenon for his comments on footballing interviews and the cliches and traditions that dominate them, it is a cracking concentrate that refuses to take football too severely. At the same time, they’ve featured large-name visitors like Jamie Carragher, Nedum Onuoha, and Tom Rosenthal, with each communication entering into the nitty gritty of soccer language, mannerisms, and quirks inside the game.`


Podcasts are not only a way for fans to boost their knowledge about games but are also the best way for players to connect with their fans. There are many entertaining and informational resources brought by podcasts that are dedicated to the most favourable sports, like soccer, football, etc. So, you can follow these above-mentioned top 15 soccer podcasts to boost your interest and knowledge of soccer games.


1. What are the top soccer podcasts to follow for the latest updates and analysis?

Check out these fantastic soccer podcasts that deliver insightful commentary and keep you updated:

  • The Total Soccer Show: Offers in-depth analysis, player insights, and engaging discussions.
  • Men in Blazers: A humorous take on the world of soccer, featuring witty banter and insightful interviews.
  • The Guardian Football Weekly: Covers the latest news, match reviews, and lively debates with a panel of experts.

2. Where can I find podcasts that focus on specific soccer leagues or teams?

If you’re looking for podcasts dedicated to your favorite league or team, consider these options:

  • The Spanish Football Podcast: Concentrates on La Liga, providing detailed insights into Spanish football.
  • American Fiasco: Explores the U.S. Men’s National Team’s journey in major tournaments with captivating storytelling.
  • Arsecast (Arsenal): Tailored for Arsenal fans, featuring match reviews, player interviews, and fan discussions.

3. Are there soccer podcasts suitable for casual fans and beginners?

Absolutely! Here are some user-friendly soccer podcasts perfect for casual fans:

  • Howler Radio: Presents soccer stories in an accessible and entertaining way for listeners of all levels.
  • Caught Offside: Balances humor and analysis, making it enjoyable for both seasoned fans and newcomers to the sport.
  • The Football Ramble: Provides a mix of football-related humor, anecdotes, and insightful commentary, catering to diverse audiences.

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