various cross symbols available to copy and paste

Cross Symbol Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste various Cross symbols in one click
Description Click to Copy Check Mark
Green Cross Mark ​❎
Red Cross Symbol
Cross Symbol
Heavy Ballot X symbol ‌✘
Ballot Box Cross Symbol ‌☒
Cross ​†
Latin Roman Cross
Outlined Cross
Latin Cross 3D ‌✞
Latin Cross outline ‌✟
Greek Cross ​☩
Orthodox Cross
Dotted Cross
Cross ‌☨
Jerusalem Cross ‌☩
West Syriac Cross
East Syriac Cross
Heavy Cross ‌✚
Maltese Cross ‌✠

Get various cross symbol here on this website. All cross symbols are available with a click copy feature that helps you to copy them in a single click.

One can use these cross symbols and emoji in whatsapp or facebook messenger and also anywhere on the web.

Here is how you can copy it: