invisible character- blank space copy and paste

Invisible Character

How to Use? Just click on any of the below invisible character to "copy" and then paste it on WhatsApp or anywhere to send empty messages.

S.No. Description Click to Copy Invisible Character
1. Zero Width Space Invisible Character ​
2. Zero Width Non-Joiner Invisible Character β€Œ
3. Zero Width Joiner Invisible Character ‍
4. Left-To-Right Mark (LTR Mark/ LRM) β€Œ
5. Right-To-Left Mark (RTL Mark/ RLM) β€Œ
Paste here to test:

What is the Invisible (Blank) character?

The invisible character or an empty character that you see on this website is nothing but a different unicode that represents an empty character. They are widely and popularly used to type a blank space in messages without using the space button. These symbols are also known as Blank space, empty character, whitespace character, and invisible character, invisible text or Letras invisΓ­vel.

One can send these empty characters in whatsapp messages by just copying and pasting these blank spaces.

Why use it?

These empty character can be used in the following ways:

Features of this tool:

This invisible character generator comes with the following features:

Where to use it?

The invisible character generated by this website can be used to create:

  1. Fortnite Invisible character: The invisible character can be used in the Fortnite game to hide the username.
  2. Invisible Space Instagram: The Invisible character on this website can also be used on Instagram.
  3. Blank name Facebook- It can be used to create a blank name on facebook.
  4. Twitter Blank Name: Create a blank name for Twitter using this invisible character symbol.
  5. Blank name for PUBG: You can also create a blank name for PUBG using our Invisible character tool.
  6. On WhatsApp: You can send empty messages using this tool. You can generate a blank space by copying the invisible character and can paste and send it on whatsapp.
  7. Invisible Character for Discord: You can send empty messages on discord using this invisile character copy paste discord.
  8. Copy and Paste invisible character for tiktok. It can be used to create a blank username.