Copy Bullet Point Symbol

Bullet Point Symbol: Copy and Paste Bullet Points (•)

How to Use? Just click on any of the below bullet point symbols to "copy" and then paste it on WhatsApp or anywhere to create bulleted lists.
» 🅐 🅑 🅒 🅓 🅔 🅕 🅖 🅗 🅘
S.No. Name Bullet Points
1. Dot Point ​‧
2. Bullet Point Symbol
3. Square Bullet Point Symbol
4. Triangle Bullet Point ‌‣
5. Star Bullet Point ‌⋆
6. Double Arrow Bullet Point ​»
7. Large Triangle Bullet Point
8. Arrow bullet symbol
9. Heavy Arrow Bullet Character ‌➡
10. Solid Hyphen Bullet Point ‌⁃

A bullet point (•) is a unicode character or a typographical symbol that is used to introuduce items in a list by creating bulleted lists. It is represented by a dot symbol (•).

These bullet points are available in different shapes such as square, traingle, star, arrow and we provide all of them in one place. One can use these bullet points and in whatsapp, facebook posts, linkedin posts to create bullet list on linkedin and, also anywhere on the web.

Here is how to use it:

Click here to copy Brackets Symbol