Circle Symbol- Copy and Paste

Circle Symbols: Copy and Paste 🔵🔴

How to Use? Just click on your favourite circle symbol to copy and press "ctrl+V" to paste it anywhere.
🟠 🔴 🔵 🟡 🟢 🟣 🟤 ⦿
Description Click to Copy Heart Symbol
Fisheye ​◉
White Circle
Dotted Circle
Circle with Vertical Fill ‌◍
Bullseye ‌◎
Black Circle ​●
Circle with Left Half Black
Circle with Right Half Black
Circle with Lower Half Black ‌◒
Circle with Upper Half Black ‌◓
Circle with Upper Right Quadrant Black ◔️
Circle with All But Upper Left Quadrant Black ‌◕
Left Half Black Circle ‌◖
Right Half Black Circle ‌◗
Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star ‌❂
Radioactive Sign ​☢
Circled Times
Circled Dot Operator
Inverse Bullet ‌◘
Inverse White Circle
Upper Half Inverse White Circle ​◚
Lower Half Inverse White Circle
Upper Left Quadrant Circular Arc ​◜
Upper Right Quadrant Circular Arc ◝‌
Lower Right Quadrant Circular Arc
Lower Left Quadrant Circular Arc ​◟
Upper Half Circle
Lower Half Circle
Large Circle ‌◯
Ideographic Number Zero
Circled Postal Mark ‌〶
Medium Black Circle Emoji
Black Large Circle ‌⬤
White Bullet
Empty Set ‌∅
Ring Operator
Circled Plus ‌⊕
Circled Minus
Circled Division Slash ‌⊘
Circled Ring Operator
Circled Asterisk Operator ‌⊛
Circled Equals
Circled Dash ‌⊝
Shadowed White Circle
Circled Bullet ‌⦿
Orange circle emoji 🟠
Red circle emoji ‌🔴
Blue circle emoji 🔵
Yellow circle emoji ‌🟡
Green circle emoji 🟢
Purple circle emoji ‌🟣
Brown circle emoji 🟤
Red hollow double outlined circle ‌⭕