Heart Symbol- Copy and Paste Heart Icons

Heart Symbol: Copy and Paste Heart Icons

How to Use? Just click on your favourite heart symbol to copy and press "ctrl+V" to paste wherever you want to use it.
​💚 💛 💜 ‌🖤 ‌💗 ​💓 💔 💟 ‌💕 ‌💖 ❤ī¸ī¸ ‌💙 ‌🧡 ‌âĨ ‌âŖ ​âĻ ❧ დ ‌áƒĻ Ûĩ ​ლ ​â™Ĩ ♡‌ ❤‍ ​âŖī¸ 💘 💝 ‌💞
Description Click to Copy Heart Symbol
Green Heart Symbol/Emoji ​💚
Yellow Love Symbol/Emoji 💛
Purple Heart Symbol/Emoji 💜
Black Heart Symbol/Emoji ‌🖤
Growing Heart Symbol ‌💗
Beating Heart Symbol ​💓
Broken Heart Symbol 💔
Decorated Heart Symbol 💟
Two Heart Symbol ‌💕
Sparkling Heart Symbol ‌💖
Red Heart Symbol/Emoji ❤ī¸ī¸
Blue Heart Symbol/Emoji ‌💙
Orange Heart Symbol/Emoji ‌🧡
Rotated Heavy Heart Bullet Symbol ‌âĨ
Blac Heart Eclamation Symbol ‌âŖ
Floral Heart ​âĻ
Rotated Floral Heart Symbol ❧
Georgian Letter Heart Sign დ
Georgian Letter Ghan ‌áƒĻ
Arabic Indic Heart Sign Ûĩ
Georgian Letter Las Heart Sign ​ლ
Zero Width Non-Joiner Invisible Character āĻ“
Black Heart Card Symbol ​â™Ĩ
Transparent Heart Symbol ♡‌
White Heart Symbol ❤‍
Red Heart Exclamation Symbol ​âŖī¸
Heart with Arrow Symbol 💘
Heart with ribbon symbol 💝
Revolving Heart Symbol ‌💞

The heart symbol or love symbol that you see on this website is nothing but a different unicode that represents a heart sign. They are widely and popularly used to send heart symbols in messages to express love. This website provides many different heart symbols such as red heart emoji, black heart emoji, green heart emoji, orange heart emoji, yellow heart emoji, blue heart emoji, growing heart symbol, sparkling heart symbol, beating heart symbol and many more beautiful heart icons.

One can use these beautiful heart symbols and emoji in whatsapp messages by just copying and pasting these symbols.

These heart symbols can be used in the following ways:

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