300+ Amish Names Ideas That Will Make You Swoon

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The Amish are traditional Christians and are known for their simplified living style, which incorporates the dearth of recent technology to an oversized extent. The Amish are Swiss Anabaptists in origin, and there are over 300,000 Amish, most of whom sleep in the US and Canada. We will explore some of the Amish names in this blog.

Due to their reclusive way of life, and since names are often passed down within families, first names rarely change from generation to generation. Most of them are Biblical, which is to be expected of a conventional Christian community.

Their surnames are German, which is where their Swiss heritage shines through a touch. Since outsiders very rarely join the Amish, surnames barely change in the least within their communities.
300+ Amish Name Ideas That Will Make You Swoon

What is an Amish name and how to find them?

They are a selected Christian subculture that traces its roots to the 16th-century religious movement. Scholars define the Old Order Amish by two distinctive features:
  • The utilization of horse-and-buggy transportation.
  • The use of the Pennsylvania German dialect in church services and daily conversation.
The Amish, formally the Old Order Amish, could be a gaggle of traditionalist Anabaptist Christian church fellowships with Swiss German and Alsatian origins. The Amish live in places like Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. But now they are spreading to other parts of the world.

Amish names

Amish names are very traditional and religious. Some of the best Amish names are mentioned below you must check them out.
Abiathar Ringenberg Adin Troyer
Parmenus Rediger
Clement Guth Elnathan Rupp
Tobias Eicher
Joshua Schwartzentruber Jahmai Esch
Jalon Gerig
Benjamin Hershberger Lysanias Bender
Jabal Imhoff
Gamaliel Sutter Ithiel Hochstelter
Peter Nissley
Gabriel Byler Adam Nafziger
Aquila Esch
Hazaiah Lapp Amariah Plank
Simon Zehr
Hezekiah Bender Thaddaeus Roth
Asher Berkey
Immanuel Kemp Mark Lapp
Othniel Roggi
Anayah Bachman Benjamin Imhoff
Emmanuel Guth


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Amish names boy

The most famous traits of Amish people are they choose to live a simple and happy life. Some of the best Amish names for boys are mentioned below.

Levi Blough
Amittai Borntraeger
Mordecai Roth
Elias Gundy
Ebenezer Hochstetler
Elisha Kinisger
Jakin Rupp
Allon Flickinger
Abel Eicher
Darius Guengerich
Nathanael Kauffman
Mark Fisher
Isaac Yordy
Shiloh Schwartz
Elhanan Belsley
Enan Yoder
Zachariah Guth
Pediah Noffsinger
Enoch Guth
Joachim Gnaegi
Kadmiel Stutzman
Titus Brenneman
Baruch Gascho
Jehoiakim Schertz
Elijah Hochstelter
Elhanan Imhoff
Shalom Ropp
Laban Schmucker
Thaddaeus Fahrney
Dodavah Oesch


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Amish names male

Amish people love to live a simple and happy life they help each other and they do farming for their living. Some of the best Amish names male are mentioned below.

Aaron Shetler Jason Gerig
Matthew Hostetler
Zephaniah Swartzendruber Timotheus Kanagy
Joash Knepp
Mattathias Sweitzer Methuselah Kinisger
Emmanuel Hooley
Nicholas Springer Andrew Verkler
Joseph Yoder
Abram Slagel Pediah Roth
Eleazar Esch
Linus Lapp Josiah Otto
Philip Schlappach
Shecaniah Stutzman Gilboa Ramseyer
David Belsley
Rufus Belsley Alian Litwiller
Jarmuth Glick
Thomas Stuckey Joash Burkholder
Jezreel Schrock
Eli Peachey Tekoah Bachman
Ajah Blough

Amish names female

Amish people are very kind-hearted and live happy life. They love to help each other. Some of the best Amish names female are mentioned below.
Puah Wittmer
Gethsemane Stoltzfus
Magdiel Nafziger
Anna Hochstelter
Abida Hochstelter
Azaliah Smith
Elasah Stuckey
Eden Slabaugh
Ada Eaash
Hannah Heiser
Beulah Schwartzentruber
Zipporah Brenneman
Sakia Jantzi
Dorothea Lambright Neginah Kanagy
Bashemath Hooley
Bethesda Zehr Elia Bontrager
Ruth Guth
Hannah Rediger Beulah Hochstelter
Tabitha Gnaegi
Elealeh Slagel Hosannah Lapp
Ithra Ringenberg
Alexandra Kinisger
Adriel Auer
Chloe Burkholder
Darda Schlappach
Phoebe Slabaugh

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Common Amish names

Amish people live separated from the world, they live in their own world. Some of the common Amish names are mentioned below.

Jeshiah Stutzman Michael Mast
Bithiah Guth
Jasher Raber Abiram Keim
Jarah Sommer
Thaddeus Burkholder Ephraim Nissley
Carmel Petershwim
Nathanael Ropp Zebadiah Guth
Arba Strubhar
Barabbas Mullet Cyrus Augsburger
Emmanuel Umble
Nathaniel Egli Julius Hochstetler
Eliane Smith
El`azar Eicher Alpha Mullet
Hatita Glick
Azariah Yordy Omar Schwartzentruber
Phebe Mullet
Adama Guengerich Peres Gundy
Sherah Ruvenacht
Samuel Litwiller Job Lapp
Rachel Shetler

Popular Amish names

Amish people are popular because of their living and the tradition. They live separated from the modern world. Some of the most popular Amish names are mentioned below.

Bealiah Albrecht
Zion Byler
Lebanah Ringenberg
Shiza Slagel
Alexis Gascho
Karis Bontrager
Myra Zehr
Sherah Lambright
Athalia Mullet
Berea Lapp
Jubilee Wagler
Talitha Hershberger
Pamphylia Fahrney
Eve Smith
Casiphia Gerig
Cana Stuckey
Euodia King
Meleas Schrock
Rebecca Lengacher
Arbah Shetler
Kyria Yoder
Meleah Gundy
Macedonia Gerig
Jedidah Graber
Hannah Ropp
Meleah Strubhar
Lael Bachman
Samaria Raber
Ramiah Stoltzfus
Nazareth Gundy


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Traditional Amish names

As I told you earlier that Amish people are very traditional and have a strong belief in their god. Some of the best traditional Amish names are mentioned below.

Jarah Imhoff Mehida Oesch
Kuria Ringenberg
Charis Wyse Sia Hochstelter
Bernice Blauch
Galilee Swartzendruber Galatia Bechler
Keilah Shetler
Eirene Mast Micaiah Brenneman
Michaiah Belsley
Naomi Rediger Damara Sutter
Ketsiah Bechler
Zemira Ropp Jordan Schrock
Asiel Schertz
Jerusha Schwartz Kartah Peachey
Zillah Slagel
Katharine Nafziger Jael Fahrney
Syntyche Wagler
Miriam Stutzman Karis Blough
Palestina Kanagy
Claudia Keim Hephzibah Gingerich
Medeba Auer


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Famous Amish names

Amish is not a race it is a way of leading life, it is a way of living a simple life. Some of the most famous Amish names are mentioned below.

Damaris Nafziger
Zilpah Raber
Shalisha Slagel
Charis Ramseyer
Lucille Borntraeger
Meleas Peachey
Arba King
Ahinoam Nissley
Joanna Rediger
Katharine Swartzendruber
Magda Otto
Tamara Raber
Ananiah Bontrager
Emmanuel Schertz
Dinah Zug
Pamphylia Fahrney
Elisabeth Yutzi
Amanah Strubhar
Nicola Bechler
Rebekah Studer
Galatia Brenneman
Zillah Rediger
Bealiah Rupp
Japhia Berkey
Ithra Ringenberg
Dinah Schwartz
Susan Belsley
Michaiah Esch
Hadassah Glick
Ahinoam King


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