Duck names: 450+ Cool Duck names ideas [updated]

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There’s a lot to consider when naming a duck. What’s the personality? What’s the heritage? Do ducks have a sense of humor? What about their diet? So our name experts have collected awesome duck names that will help you name your duck.

The duck is an amazing bird that lives on the water. You can find this beautiful bird near the water. Ducks have very short legs. Ducks are classified as a group of species of different water birds.

Today we are going to talk about different types of Duck names. Ducks are aquatic birds. You can find ducks in both sea and freshwater lakes.

Ducks are aquatic birds that belong to taxonomic class Aves. Ducks have a large body compared to other birds. Ducks can fly if they swing their feathers fast. Ducks are long and pointed.

Tips to choose a suitable duck name

Ducks are one of the cutest birds. Ducks are very intelligent, they always try to socialize with other ducks. Ducks love to play with toys and they always love to give kisses and cuddles.

The best tips to choose a suitable duck name are:

  • Ducks are mostly found near water so names that are related to water will be a good choice.
  • Ducks are very intelligent so names that have great meanings will be a great option.
  • Ducks have great socializing skills so names that are easy and simple should be a good option.

Duck names

Ducks are very humble and polite by nature. Some of the great bird names are mentioned below you must check them out.

Homero JayBird Cluck
Skye Quentin
Bloodtalon Lucky Sativa
MaxSterling Clever Now
Aquilina Artzouig Ethan
Nell Zenith Arne
Hannibal Petrie
Nocturna Cornelius
Corbae Shamrock BW3
Goober Discordia Kira


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Cute duck names

Ducks are very cute, they love to be handled and they are very friendly. Some of the cute duck names are mentioned below.

Ariel JayBird
Lucy Quentin Bella
Pretzel Lucky BW3
Yakky Clever Azure
Jingles Artzouig Pidgeot
PanAm Zenith
Arnau Petrie Luna
Jennie Cornelius Stinky
Kynthia Shamrock Colm
Budda Discordia


Good duck names

Ducks are very good and sweet by nature. They love interacting and socializing. Some of the good duck names are mentioned below.

Alert Munin Limit
Cameo Shakira
Jatayu Hootie Zenith
Xeno Fiachna
Nycticorax Jersey Kipu
Imperial Digger
Owen Yoshi
Cory Alcatraz Pengfei
EarlyBird Azure Jennie
Rowdy Artzouig Aja


Girl duck names

If ducks are handled with care then ducks will be your best friend. Ducks love humans. Some of the girl duck names are mentioned below.

Fabio Bart Vanity
Bono Razzle Raffles
Frederick Vanilla
Cheeky Kramer
George Durango Josey
Camelot Dots Yahtzee
Taz Chocolate Bebe
Babe Buckeye Minky
Cutie Orlando Tony
Dorito Artzouig Disco


Duck names for dogs

If you want to name your dog a duck name. Then some of the cute names will be the best. Some of the best duck names for dogs are mentioned below.

Bear Lena Layla
Captain Miss Behave Velvet
Ivory Beavis Diesel
Xerox Jinxy
Rasputin Jane
Boogie Golly Ali
Dots Mira Heidi
Itchy Mojo Melanie
Keno Zeebo
Halston Goldie Snappy


Pet duck names

A duck is always a good pet option. Ducks are friendly and less harmful. Some of the best pet duck names are mentioned below.

Shakespeare Twinkie Koko
Ridley Harper Tutti
Hermione Homer Tazman
Razzle Clyde
Eddie Brodie Feather
Robbie Tiddles Mr. T
Razzle T Bird Royal
Gonzo Maestro Alex
Zac Kodak
Sam Pepper Nike


Baby duck names

Baby ducks are called ducklings. They are cute and prefer to stay in the nest for at least a month. Some of the best baby duck names are mentioned below.

Rutti Herman Eloise
Doris Frank Keller
Bits Minerva Ginny
Kellogg Cream Sybil
Dusty Bosch Dufus
Cutie-Pie Chips Dubya
Dynamite Amigo Candy
Marcy Seeley
Fantasia Pilot
Pollo Beelzebub Susan


White duck names

You will mostly find ducks in white colors. Some of the best white duck names are mentioned below you must check them out.

Peapod Della Hope
Kimo Ariel Honk
Tumble Stir Fry Desiree
Geno Bali
Lollipop Lexis
Toffee Pokey
Boo Boo
Grendel Paige Loretta
Hope Corky Dancer
Panther Violet Navajo
Jody Kirby Sadie


Famous duck names

You all have seen some of the scenes from different movies in which a duck is featured. Some of the most famous duck names are mentioned below.

Reuben Bessie Stella
Banjo Sassafrass Stripe
Squawkers Sweetums Darla
Rupert Missy
Repo Katherine Minnie
Dorito Paris Heidi
Waddlesworth Piglet Daphne
Shadow Kali Apricot
Titan Pirouette Malibu
Sassafrass Bo Haiku


Rubber duck names

Rubber ducks are very famous characters all around the world. They are a piece of rubber formed in the shape of a duck. Some of the best rubber duck names are mentioned below.

Snap Dragon Peanuts Coca
Condor Arlo Bisou
Beauregard Mickey Susie
Ray Bisou Mosaic
Salvador Sierra Debbie
Patriot Kandy Bingo
Spud Maxine Rascal
Cutie Shimmer Shivers
Lemon Pickles Wicket
Mercury Dodger Cynthia


Cartoon duck names

You must have seen some of the great cartoons based on ducks. Some of the best cartoon duck names are mentioned below.

Chippy Minnow Spud
Poncho Greeny Koko
Diego Paige Birdy
Lester Mirage Pokey
Jamaica Nugget Bacardi
Carmello Pearl Indie
Xavier Layla Bashful
Tinker Molokai
B.B. Trinket Bailey
Chopper Wicca Bacardi


Disney duck names

Fictional characters are loved by everyone. Disney has created a lot of fictional characters about ducks. Some of the best Disney duck names are mentioned below.

Agent X Aphroducky Baloo
Air Pirates Apollo (Legend of the Three Caballeros) Barko
Ajax the Gorilla April, May, and June
Baron Von Sheldgoose
Akita Arabian Bird Baydoodior
Aletheia Queen Ariel
Beagle Boys
Amunet Armstrong
Babydoll Beagle
Andre’s Cats Astro Mummies
Boom-Boom Beagle
Angel Donald Aunt Gertie
Bouffant Beagle


Yellow duck names

Yellow ducks or the American Pekins are one of the most famous ducks. Some of the best yellow duck names are mentioned below.

Tango Fellini
Cotton Candy
Blossom Corky Yahtzee
Zambia Kira Towser
Michelle Patton Diego
Cadbury Tiki
Zani Erin Wings
Bo Fallon Tipsy
Cammie Ducky Bliss
Willow Snookie Kacee
Foxie Moochie Della


Badass duck names

Some ducks may show you some aggressive behavior if they are not treated well. Some of the most badass duck names are mentioned below.

Annabel Scorpio Nathan
Garnet Harpies Captain
Cuckoo Widgeon
Snookie Wazoo Ivory
Sputnik Admiral Ralphie
Cocoa Polo!
Spunk General Hooch
Sweetums Skipper
Eleanor Murdock Punky
Teal Freddie

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