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Are you looking for good cowboy names? We have got a bunch of name lists that will help you to find the best cowboy names from all over the world.

A cowboy is usually a person whose job is to look after cows, sheep, goats, etc. This person is mostly visualized riding a horse. The term cowboy is mostly famous in some parts of America.

These cowboys are mostly seen wearing jeans, shirts, and some beautiful hats. They love their animals a lot. In this blog, we are going to take a look at some of the most famous cowboy names.

We will cover each and every variety of cowboy names. the term cowboy is mostly famous in North America and some other parts of the world. Cowboy’s personality is very aggressive and strong.


How to choose a good cowboy name?

If we are talking about some of the cowboy names, then we are indirectly exploring some of the best American names. A cowboy is strong and very aggressive.

Some of the best tips on how to choose a good cowboy name:

  • Always choose some strong and bold names, these names will help to boost your child’s personality.
  • Those names would be perfect that depicts some great meaning, so go with some meaningful names.
  • Names that are simple and easy to pronounce are perfect for every category.

Cowboy names

Cowboy term is mostly famous in North America, they are always seen with some animals, and some of the best cowboy names are mentioned below.

Chester ‘Merciless’ Greene Archie ‘Lucky’ Maxwell
Felix ‘the Damned’ Maldonado
Herbert ‘Snake Eyes’ Pratt Jack ‘the Friendly’ Harrell
Clayton ‘the Con’ Johns
Lawrence ‘No Teeth’ Ewing Jasper ‘Painkiller’ Murphy
Mike ‘Bane’ Harrell
Anthony ‘the Kid’ Shields Marshall ‘Ranger’ Todd
Theodore ‘the Deaf’ Jensen
Russell ‘Mudsill’ Kennedy Jake ‘Bad Eye’ Harmon
Charley ‘Dust Devil’ Norman
William ‘the Immortal’ Hart Cleveland ‘No Name’ Blankenship
Alex ‘Wild’ Bright
Archie ‘Savage’ Benson Franklin ‘Golden Teeth’ McLeod
Noah ‘Naughty’ Nash
Mack ‘Crimson’ Banks Philip ‘No Horse’ Hyde
Leslie ‘Scar’ West
Marvin ‘Prancer’ Rivera Nelson ‘Gamble’ Pearson
Mike ‘Have Mercy’ Head
Edward ‘Have Mercy’ James Levi ‘Whiplash’ Carpenter
Warren ‘Coward’ Bray


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Cowboy names for boys

Cowboys work hard on their farms. They love to spend their time on farms and they are never afraid of getting dirty. Some of the best cowboy names for boys are mentioned below.

Bert ‘the Deaf’ King Frank ‘Scar’ Snyder
Alex ‘the Mute’ Rhodes
Gilbert ‘Killer’ Burris Allen ‘the Loner’ Lloyd
Adolph ‘Serpent’ Berg
Harry ‘Golden Teeth’ Dickerson Percy ‘Miracle’ Lott
Rufus ‘the Cheat’ McDaniel
Hugh ‘Phantom’ Malone Allen ‘Darkness’ Goodwin
Eddie ‘Crimson’ Tate
Glenn ‘the Bullet’ Dickerson Grover ‘Poker Face’ Dudley
Silas ‘Ranger’ Haley
Irvin ‘Dawn’ Bradley Marion ‘Second Life’ Lynn
John ‘Mudsill’ Rose
Wilbur ‘Moral’ Cohen James ‘One Eye’ Chambers
Samuel ‘No Name’ Fuller
Nathan ‘Hopalong’ Harvey Sylvester ‘Whiplash’ Murray
Orville ‘the Jester’ McCall
Gordon ‘the Oaf’ Hayes Jim ‘Con Artist’ Tyler
Howard ‘Scar’ Cline
Michael ‘the Deaf’ Sharpe Mark ‘the Fool’ Nash
Archie ‘Wicked’ Bright


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Famous cowboy names

Cowboys represent the spirit of independent life. They always try to live the best life, they work hard in the fields and do whatever they want. Some of the most famous cowboy names are mentioned below.

Jose ‘Gold Tooth’ Beach Victor ‘the Demon’ Walter
Earnest ‘Songbird’ Ortiz
Claud ‘Mercy’ Christensen Grover ‘Wild Hog’ Barnes
Cleveland ‘Wit’ Miller
Oliver ‘Gore’ Hall Rudolph ‘Savage’ Nicholson
Alfred ‘Wild’ Best
Lawrence ‘Faith’ Witt Harvey ‘Whiplash’ Snow
Gus ‘Wit’ Norris
Hubert ‘Trustworthy’ Clayton Jack ‘Hallow’ Burris
Floyd ‘Hard Case’ Hopper
Vernon ‘Angel Eyes’ Gentry Jay ‘Dust Devil’ Maxwell
Robert ‘Backfire’ Wilkerson
Calvin ‘Painkiller’ McBride Cecil ‘Smiley’ Watts
Jack ‘the Predator’ Dawson
Silas ‘Bull’ Morrison Clarence ‘One Eye’ Harper
Irvin ‘Stab’ Blanchard
Moses ‘Dusty’ Quinn Eli ‘Bane’ Grimes
Claud ‘Money’ Griffin
Eddie ‘Ambush’ Carter Franklin ‘Quick Finger’ Brady
Wiley ‘Happy’ McGowan


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Badass cowboy names

Cowboys love to take care of their horses. They are always seen riding a horse. Some of the most badass cowboy names are mentioned below.

Wiley ‘Dynamite’ Carney Marley ‘Painkiller’ Pace
Elliot ‘Snake Eyes’ Underwood
Roland ‘Blood’ Lowe Skyler ‘Happy’ Craft
River ‘Painkiller’ Erickson
Elijah ‘Golden Teeth’ Hays Ellis ‘Bender’ Shelton
Angel ‘Quick Finger’ Gibbs
Bert ‘the Cobra’ McKnight Mason ‘Lawless’ Walton
Angel ‘Bull’ Mathis
Robert ‘Bulldozer’ Frost Sam ‘Evil’ Tyler
Ashton ‘Gore’ Branch
Donald ‘Backfire’ Gordon River ‘Dusty’ Robinson
Briar ‘Promiscuous’ Leon
Aaron ‘Dusty’ Frost Rory ‘Odd Stick’ Skinner
Rory ‘Gamble’ Haney
Roscoe ‘Miracle’ Quinn Ashley ‘Brawn’ Roy
Mason ‘Mudsill’ Tanner
Silas ‘the Hallowed’ Wilson Alexis ‘No Name’ Jordan
Noel ‘the Thinker’ O’Neal
Clyde ‘Ace High’ Yates Brynn ‘the Gentle’ Shelton
Leighton ‘Quick Gun’ Benson


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Gunslinger cowboy names

Gunslinger is a term that is given to an individual who is having a Gun. Some of the best gunslinger cowboy names are mentioned below.

Jerry ‘Big Bazoo’ O’Donnell Henry ‘Hunter’ Joyce
Emerson ‘the Fool’ Stark
Emmett ‘Bull’ Larsen Herman ‘Sureshot’ Haley
Milan ‘Annex’ Booker
Julius ‘the Twin’ Serrano Noah ‘Immoral’ Rich
Remy ‘Second Life’ Morrow
Otis ‘the Jester’ Potter Horace ‘Big Bazoo’ Macdonald
Morgan ‘Hopalong’ Roberts
Vernon ‘Hopalong’ Lynch Ralph ‘the Deaf’ O’Connor
Elliot ‘One Eye’ Hart
Jasper ‘Angel Eyes’ Lowe Manuel ‘Two Lives’ Small
Micah ‘Coyote’ Waters
Ira ‘Bane’ Sargent Mack ‘Honor’ Harrison
Cameron ‘Phantom’ Snider
Guy ‘Big Gun’ Levy Howard ‘Con Artist’ Hendricks
Alex ‘Wager’ Kennedy
Felix ‘Truth’ Rich Wilson ‘Hopalong’ Richards
Ashley ‘Sunrise’ Crane
George ‘Venom Tongue’ Lyons Paul ‘the Vicious’ Richmond
Dakota ‘Hustler’ Edwards


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Cool cowboy names

Cowboys’ boots are very famous all around the world. They have long and heavy boots with some spikes at the end of the boots. Some of the best cool cowboy names are mentioned below.

Jack ‘the Brains’ Livingston Adam ‘Sunrise’ Beck
Leslie ‘Truth’ Lloyd
Edmund ‘Hollow’ Whitehead Maurice ‘Fluke’ Carney
Gordon ‘Bushwacker’ Wyatt
Dennis ‘Diabolic’ Tillman Lawrence ‘Integrity’ Sexton
Francis ‘Backfire’ Burton
Leon ‘Venom Tongue’ Good Ross ‘the Bully’ Hendrix
Lawrence ‘Dust Devil’ Lucas
Charley ‘Croaker’ Anthony Aaron ‘Bad’ Decker
Harvey ‘Odd Stick’ Frye
Gilbert ‘Dynamite’ Conway Bennie ‘the Demon’ Woodward
Marvin ‘Con Artist’ Britt
Dave ‘Blowhard’ Whitehead Elijah ‘Evil’ O’Neill
Dewey ‘the Kid’ Mathis
Ernest ‘the Fiend’ Hayes Horace ‘Justice’ Foley
Robert ‘Long Shot’ Monroe
Cecil ‘Midnight’ Knight Cornelius ‘Mystery’ King
Glenn ‘Leather’ Crosby
Adam ‘Demon Eyes’ Ellis Charlie ‘Steel’ Moon
Oscar ‘Sly’ Donovan


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Old cowboy names

Most of the cowboys are having an age of 50 years. Some of the best old cowboy names are mentioned below you should check them out.

Amos ‘Dynamite’ Moss Bert ‘Gravedigger’ Mays
Clyde ‘the Con’ Greene
Joseph ‘Bender’ Higgins Warren ‘Mercy’ Serrano
Earnest ‘Tracker’ Sears
Walter ‘Bushwacker’ Gardner John ‘the Bullet’ Pickett
Mark ‘Smiley’ Sharp
Timothy ‘Songbird’ Gallagher Martin ‘the Viper’ Browning
Hiram ‘Bloodlust’ Dalton
Clinton ‘Hustler’ Greene Earl ‘Bulldozer’ Evans
Alonzo ‘Promiscuous’ Grant
Jose ‘Stormrider’ Blanchard Rufus ‘Big Bazoo’ Donaldson
Michael ‘Odd Stick’ West
Grover ‘Dawn Rider’ Rogers Lewis ‘the Fool’ White
Ben ‘Dawn’ Glass
Mike ‘Trigger Finger’ Tillman Sam ‘Muscles’ Wise
Fredrick ‘the Snake’ Thornton
Sidney ‘Sunrise’ Witt Otis ‘Promiscuous’ Riddle
Marshall ‘Stab’ Graham
Otis ‘Bilk’ Holder Harley ‘the Stalker’ Marsh
Ben ‘Lawful’ Hopkins


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Cowboy names for horses

Another thing that is famous about the Cowboys is their horses. Cowboys take care of their horses a lot. Some of the best cowboy names for horses are mentioned below.

Johnnie ‘Gamble’ Steele Aaron ‘Coyote’ Johnston
Willis ‘Dawn Rider’ Blackburn
Christopher ‘Stab’ Donaldson Everett ‘Blowhard’ Rollins
Jacob ‘Lawful’ Cole
Jacob ‘Wild’ Barrera Bert ‘Lasso’ Underwood
Anthony ‘No Teeth’ Knowles
Charlie ‘Rustler’ Whitney Gordon ‘Miracle’ Reynolds
Ben ‘the Bullet’ Wolfe
Andrew ‘Wolf’ Richardson Lewis ‘Fluke’ Wiley
Marshall ‘Backfire’ Allen
Wilson ‘Bull’ Snider Louis ‘Luck’ Pierce
Marion ‘Virtue’ Chandler
August ‘Trapper’ Hayes Noah ‘the Cheat’ Barber
Albert ‘the Infamous’ Morgan
Alonzo ‘Wicked’ Wall Andrew ‘Whip’ Haynes
Mike ‘Golden Teeth’ Stephens
Stanley ‘Stab’ McCall Curtis ‘the Blind’ Clay
George ‘the Mortal’ Poole
Willis ‘Vile Mouth’ Ferrell Sherman ‘Night Rider’ Dickerson
Phillip ‘Hunter’ Wall


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Cowboy names for dogs

Cowboys’ names are very strong and bold. Cowboys represent themselves very badly. Some of the best cowboy names for dogs are mentioned below.

Caroline ‘Long Shot’ George Hannah ‘the Devil’ Weber
Herman ‘Bushwacker’ Jacobson
Irene ‘the Con’ Cunningham Lucille ‘Feather’ Stevenson
Roy ‘Rider’ Sears
Janie ‘Wildfire’ Malone Frances ‘Dust Devil’ Cannon
Charles ‘Bender’ Booth
Bettie ‘No Name’ Patrick Kathryn ‘Quick Finger’ Berg
Sherman ‘Midnight’ Mayer
Amanda ‘Justice’ Stevens Verna ‘Hawkeyes’ Stevens
Emil ‘Scar’ Lott
Maude ‘Hustler’ Sharp Alta ‘Bushwacker’ Sexton
Dewey ‘Bullettooth’ Collier
Tillie ‘Mudsill’ Kelly Christine ‘Trapper’ Walsh
Everett ‘Happy’ Howard
Laura ‘the Con’ Reed Agnes ‘Bog-Trotter’ Raymond
Ed ‘Hopalong’ Murray
Eula ‘the Twin’ Howell Vera ‘Mystery’ Wheeler
Clarence ‘Odd Stick’ Shepherd
Abbie ‘Happy’ Boyle Nell ‘Hazard’ Mosley
Cecil ‘Bulldozer’ Mitchell


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Western cowboy names

Billy the Kid is one of the most famous western cowboys. Some of the most famous western cowboy names are mentioned below.

Alexis ‘Stormrider’ McClain Ellis ‘the Hallowed’ Gallagher
Jayden ‘Trapper’ Foster
Danny ‘Second Life’ Newton Emerson ‘Naughty’ Barron
Lee ‘Angel Eyes’ McLaughlin
Charlie ‘Darkness’ Morrison Jamie ‘Wild Hog’ Shepard
Phoenix ‘the Blind’ Armstrong
Reagan ‘Artist’ Allison Phoenix ‘the Bullet’ Burnett
Dane ‘Artist’ Hooper
Jesse ‘Lone Rider’ Roberson Reagan ‘Happy’ Moss
Riley ‘the Damned’ Weaver
Eden ‘Bloodlust’ Parks Alex ‘Rider’ Hall
Tyler ‘Lone Wolf’ Richmond
Angel ‘Steel’ Boyd Marley ‘Backfire’ Humphrey
Morgan ‘Crimson’ Floyd
Phoenix ‘Lone Wolf’ Gentry Skylar ‘Serpent’ Levy
Jesse ‘Merciless’ Hale
Ryan ‘Crimson’ Barton Skyler ‘Integrity’ Travis
Ali ‘Luck’ Vincent
Briar ‘Lasso’ Briggs Danny ‘Bull’ Foley
Jessie ‘Pistol’ Fisher


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Best cowboy names

There are a lot of cowboys names but only some of them are the best names. Some of the best cowboy names are mentioned below.

Ed ‘Gun Slinger’ Stein Will ‘Bad’ Rowe
Richard ‘Savage’ Watson
Leonard ‘the Predator’ Lowe Isaac ‘Stab’ Skinner
Edmund ‘Bender’ Peterson
Wilson ‘the Immortal’ England Hubert ‘Night Rider’ Carr
Rufus ‘Flannel Mouth’ Nichols
Victor ‘Auger’ Faulkner Walter ‘Money’ Barton
Chester ‘Arizona’ Whitley
Marvin ‘Long Shot’ Ellis Phillip ‘Glory’ Lamb
Gordon ‘the Fiend’ Mathis
Luther ‘Dawn Rider’ Moon Arthur ‘Songbird’ Battle
Walter ‘the Mute’ Mills
Norman ‘Honor’ Bass Daniel ‘Poker Face’ Strong
Moses ‘Ace High’ Bowers
Franklin ‘Odd Stick’ Clark Raymond ‘Virtue’ Giles
Warren ‘the Brains’ McIntosh
Francis ‘Immoral’ English Morris ‘the Angel’ Barnett
Henry ‘Ghost’ Roberts
Lonnie ‘the Predator’ Stuart Dave ‘Leather’ Ramsey
Amos ‘Croaker’ Grimes


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Mexican cowboy names

Mexican cowboys are also called Vaqueros, they are rough, bold, and hard-working cowboys. Some of the best Mexican cowboy names are mentioned below.

Henry ‘the Thinker’ Warner Ira ‘Honor’ Robertson
Manuel ‘Con Artist’ Neal
Gordon ‘the Cheat’ Owens Alvin ‘Sureshot’ Wright
Jim ‘Granger’ Little
Jose ‘the Fool’ Madden Chester ‘Prancer’ Gibson
Francis ‘Granger’ Bean
Cecil ‘Dawn’ Newton Fred ‘Gravedigger’ Burke
Ray ‘Trigger Finger’ Collier
Lonnie ‘Ghost’ McCoy Harrison ‘Wit’ Dawson
Calvin ‘the Fiend’ Buck
Marion ‘Stormrider’ Hart Gilbert ‘Night Rider’ Bishop
Harry ‘Bilk’ Holland
Gordon ‘Granger’ Fry Jerry ‘Deadbeat’ Lane
Clyde ‘Ranger’ Brady
Aaron ‘Odd Stick’ Harmon Bert ‘Dawn Rider’ Olson
Eugene ‘the Gentle’ Langley
Morris ‘Chiseler’ Flowers Elmer ‘Shotgun’ Moon
Marshall ‘the Jester’ Burnett
Jack ‘One Eye’ Hardy Franklin ‘Horse Whisperer’ Patton
Ira ‘Horse Whisperer’ Meadows


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Spanish cowboy names

Spain is located in the southwest part of Europe. Some of the best Spanish cowboy names are mentioned below, you must check them out.

Casey ‘Ghost’ Jones Lawrence ‘the Twin’ Beck
Reese ‘Lonesome’ Webster
Harper ‘Sanguine’ Todd Dennis ‘Venom Tongue’ McFarland
Lane ‘the Bully’ Armstrong
Nova ‘Naughty’ Barr Stephen ‘Integrity’ Sargent
Jude ‘Friendly Face’ Marsh
Amari ‘Gamble’ Kane Alexander ‘Gold Tooth’ Boyer
Tanner ‘the Blind’ Atkins
Tyler ‘Sureshot’ Mathews Curtis ‘Auger’ Hebert
Tyler ‘Evil’ Woodard
Cameron ‘the Bullet’ Cook Eddie ‘Pain’ Vinson
Terry ‘Knife’ Buckner
Danny ‘Dusk’ Vinson Percy ‘Trigger Finger’ Chambers
Marley ‘Croaker’ Bolton
Elliot ‘Two Lives’ Parker Charley ‘Lucky’ Giles
Hunter ‘Sunrise’ Beach
Casey ‘Truth’ Wilcox Lloyd ‘Honor’ Fischer
Raylee ‘No Name’ McIntosh
Blake ‘Honor’ Harris Dan ‘Gamble’ Morrison
Amari ‘Truth’ Parrish

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