342 Funny, Best, Good and Wow Troll Names

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A troll is an online entity that deliberately provokes others for the purpose of causing emotional distress or otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. A troll may also be someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or disrupting normal on-topic discussion. Some of the best troll names are covered in this blog.

The term “troll” originates from fishing. In old Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore, trolls were said to live in remote mountains, forests, and caves, sometimes crossing over into the human world to terrorize people before returning to their own hidden homes.

Tips to choose the perfect troll names

A troll is an ugly, mean creature that lives under bridges and in dark caves. They are known for their love of mischief and their hatred of humans.
Trolls have been around for centuries, and their legend has been passed down through the generations. In modern times, they have become the stuff of nightmares, and their image has been used in popular culture to represent all that is evil.

Troll names are not easy to come by. If you are having trouble finding the perfect name for your new troll character, here are a few tips to help you out.

  • First, consider what kind of personality your troll has. Is he or she mischievous and playful? Or more serious and reserved? This will help you narrow down the type of name you are looking for.
  • Next, take a look at the physical features of your troll. What kind of colors does he or she have? Are there any interesting markings? These can be used to create a unique and memorable name.
  • Finally, think about what kind of story or adventure your troll will be embarking on. A good name can set the tone for the entire story. So take your time and choose wisely!
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Troll names

A troll is a mythical, supernatural creature that is said to live in caves, forests, or under bridges. They are often depicted as being ugly and mean, and enjoy causing mischief or harm to humans. In some stories, trolls can be helpful or even friendly, but in most cases, they are considered to be dangerous. Some of the best Troll names are mentioned below.

Sollix Zebajin Alwan
Makas Zallah Jaryaya
Voyambi Wonjin Rashi
Juma Zulgeteb
Halasuwa Halasuwa
Shaktilar Rakash Zengu
Seshi Zevrij Tzuljin
Kaijin Venjo Rujin
Dorkuraz Malak Tedar
Quivilt Quivilt Reji


Funny troll names

A funny troll is an online creature that lives to make people laugh. They are often found in the comments section of websites, social media platforms, and forums. Some of the best funny troll names are listed below.

Tzane Rahjin Javyn
Haijen Hoodah Tzuljin
Zebajin Kaijin Jaryaya
Zelaji Makas Ekon
Rhazin Mezilkree
Ekon Shaktilar Jijel
Seji Halasuwa Yawan
Zulkis Ekon Zelaji
Kuroji Zunabar
Erasto Rahjin Haijen


Best troll names

Trolls are known for their clever and sometimes sarcastic comments. They enjoy pushing people’s buttons and getting a kick out of seeing people’s reactions.

While they can be annoying at times, there’s no denying that trolls are entertaining. Their antics often brighten up otherwise dull moments on the internet. Some of the best troll names are mentioned below.

Shaktilar Shaktilar Vuzashi
Laojin Paikei Makas
Tzane Shaktilar Lakjin
Yawan Sligo Zallah
Zunabar Rahjin Jinjin
Tanjin Shengis
Malak Ttarmek Teshi
Zulkaz Rujabu Rahjin
Rhazin Yetu Hoodah
Kelraz Tzuljin Tzane
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Female troll names

Trolls are often seen as aggressive, brutish creatures. But there is another side to these mythical beings. Female trolls are often portrayed as kind-hearted and nurturing.

Though they may be different from their male counterparts, female trolls are just as important in troll lore. They play vital roles in many stories and are often the ones who help the heroes on their journey. Some of the best female troll names are mentioned below.

Zelea Esha Tasiya
Teza Khuwei Katzine
Meimei Yaci Usitutie
Damari Aradya Atae
Tayo Kiya
Talisa Azra Melelea
Saedmara Kea Ejie
Khuwei Suliya Khuwei
Zulwatha Zoti Seshia
Kina Zujia Esha


Good troll names

A good troll is someone who posts online with the intention of provoking others into an emotional reaction. They may do this by posting inflammatory or offensive comments, starting arguments, or deliberately misrepresenting information. While some people see trolling as a form of online harassment, others see it as a way to hold a mirror up to society and expose its flaws. Whatever your opinion on trolling may be, there are some things that all good trolls have in common. Some of the good troll names are mentioned below.

Zunabar Zunu
Jayunya Senwe Razi
Rashi Tazingo Zinjo
Zufem Venjo Zelaji
Matuna Anje Rhazin
Kuroji Anje Senwe
Tzane Voyambi Vekuzz
Tzane Ttarmek Juma
Jalai Jaafan Zelaji
Seji Shengis Zelaji


Troll names for games

Troll names are not just for games, they can be used for any online activity where users want to remain anonymous. While many people use their real names or variations thereof, others prefer to use screen names that reflect their personalities or interests. Some of the troll names for games are mentioned below.

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Zengu Kelraz Ugoki
Zelaji Ekon
Reji Jinjin Senwe
Zinjo Malak Ditid
Mohanlal Zulkis Erasto
Wonjin Zunabar Erodjan
Zulbaljin Maalik Vekuzz
Jaafan Zinjo
Ttarmek Hokima
Zulrajas Ditid Rahjin


Wow female troll names

Trolling is often done for the amusement of the troll, but can also be done in order to disrupt a community or spread misinformation. While some trolls may be harmless fun, others can be quite destructive and even dangerous. It is important to be aware of the potential risks of interacting with trolls online. Some of the best wow female troll names are mentioned below.

Bunjin Yajdna Zulrea
Pujati Zulja Aradya
Zulja Shakawatha Makali
Vonjai Sharimara Katzine
Gilta Javilla Azra
Zola Keja Yeree
Vinji Zola Zenma
Ithra Valja Bajin
Zulkraa Yishi Ecia
Zashi Usitutie Juljin

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