400+ Turtle names: good, ninja, and cute turtle names

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Turtle names can be based on their personality, markings, color, or species. One of the most famous examples is Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.

Turtles are aquatic reptiles with a protective shell. Tortoise and turtle are often used interchangeably. But there are slight differences between these two, turtles mostly stay in the water they only came out on shore for laying eggs. 

While tortoises are land animals they have adapted to live on land. Naming a turtle is one of the important tasks as they have a very long life, so the turtle name you are going to select for your turtle must pass the time test along with being unique.

Turtle’s name could be funny, cute, sassy, and unique. Simple tips from my side are that your turtle name should bring a smile to your face.

Below we will find the most popular list of turtle names.

Tips for choosing a tortoise name

As I have told you earlier that tortoises are aquatic reptiles who can survive on land also. Mostly they are freshwater reptiles which means they are found in rivers and freshwater lakes.

Naming a tortoise is one of the important and interesting tasks. Tortoise’s name should be easy yet sassy. You can keep tortoise names based on their behavior and appearance. 

You can also use fictional character names as your tortoise names like Donatello, Leonardo, franklin, etc.  here are a few tips to select the name of your turtle:

  • Before naming your turtle you should observe your pet. Some turtles have special behavior in some circumstances some turtles are very shy, and some are snappy with people. This habit of them helps in naming them.
  • If you don’t find any special behavioral change then you can give random names like your favorite color, fruits, etc.
  • Also, you can give names of cartoons and Disney characters if you are fond of them.
turtle names

Good turtle names

Good turtle names

Here are the 30 good turtle names.

Donatello Raphael Michelangelo
Leonardo Squirt Sqwater
Snappy Franklin Shelly
Elsa Pokey Emma
Moana Ivy Wanda
Mr. shy Sheldon Jerry
Ross Joey Rosie
Lily Mary Cherry
Ginger Molly Harry
Title Romeo Taco

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Cute turtle names

Cute turtle names

Giving a cute turtle name depends on your personality and how easy you are in giving nicknames to people surrounding you by observing their behavior.

30 Cute turtle names:

Pikaboo Shelly Pokey
Zippy Speedy Racer
Snapper Duke Amber
Doris Bruce Holly
Albert Bertie Mack
Crimson Carrot Rolly
Rocky Jinni Flippy
Hippy Sunny Goji
Coco Tiny Mango

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Ninja Turtle names

Ninja Turtle names

Mutant Ninja Turtle is a teenage cartoon series based on the humanoid ninja.it is a group of four ninjas trained by their master to protect their city, some people use these character names as their pet turtle names. 

Ninja turtle names are:

  • Donatello
  • Leonardo
  • Michelangelo
  • Raphael

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Funny turtle names

Funny turtle names

Funny turtle names are meant to make the listener laugh. These are silly names that can sometimes depict sarcasm like naming the turtle speedy when we know how fast the turtle is.

List of funny turtle names:

Cupid Boss Nitro
Sonic Bolt Pokey
Zippy Tommy Ninja
Hulk Koopa Troopa
Toby Marla Jetty
Shelby Lightning Flash
Slowpack Turbo Racer
Goldie Tiffany Tippi
Tina Boxer Scooter
Dexter Raptor Asdik

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Female turtle names

Female turtle names

Female turtle names are inspired mostly by fictional characters from comic books and storybooks characters. 

List of best female turtle names:

Wanda Jerry Tianna
Nats Lulu Doris
Kiwi Sierra Taya
Kia Molly Dolly
Tania Truffle Jade
Minnie Bella Elsa
Emma Starla Sadie
Trixie Ginger Tonks
Myrtle Flower Peanut

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Cool names of turtles

Cool names of turtles

The name which is somewhat out of the box is considered cool. Cool turtle names which sound different yet catchy. 

List of cool turtle names:

April August Gloria
Bertie Hippy Kenya
Oslo Oswald Vinni
Jinni Timber Ruby
Summer October Talula
Paulie Mack Cooper
Sasha Trevor Oscar
Corky Dino Bud
Elvis Zip Kai
Kiwi Toby Fergus

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Girl turtle name

Girl turtle name

Girl turtle names are inspired by the cartoon characters. 

Collections of Girl turtle name:

Rosy Emma Elsa
Cherry Minnie Holly
Goldie Cinderella Ginger
Jade Sasa Ruby
Marlin Mary Nemo
Stella Tonya Sira
Salena Bella Susan
Shisha Lina Tianna
Tia Lily Tiffany
Peanut Glower Winter

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Boy turtle names

Boy turtle names

Boy’s turtle names are mostly based on the comic characters.

Given below are the best boy turtle names:

Sebastian Apollo Cooper
Pokey Rafael Shelly
Snappy Squirt Franklin
Zippy Mack Eddie
Cosmo Jupiter Oscar
Sammy Sunny Mills
Timmy Jack Bruno
Corky Trevor Moby
Major Captain Speed
Romeo Sanders Reece

Best turtle names

Best turtle names

Till now we have seen many varieties of turtle names in different categories. Out of them, some are very famous among the turtle pet owners. 

Below given are my best pick of turtle names, you could also have a different favorite, here are mine.

Apollo Baby April
Floater Gloria Balboa
Duke Fiona Hercules
Hermes Paulie Mack
Pokey Flash Snowpack
Racer Turbo Bolt
Slowbro Ginger Tippi
Kenya Doris Kia
Sienna Amber Artemis
Taco Leo Nitro

Turtle nicknames

Turtle nicknames

Giving a nickname to your pet is one of the fun tasks involving the whole family and friends to find something unique for your pet. 

Awesome turtle nicknames for your pet tortoise:

Casey Tyler Coco
Kuku Slick Flip
Flipper Snappy Speedy
Snatch Slider Titan
Troy Hank Spicy
Vlad Gunner Reggie
Tyson Mick Mack
Nugget  Tango Tobias
Storm  Archies  Slash

Pet turtle names

Pet turtle names

Giving a name to your pet entirely depends on you. You can search from different sources and ask your near dear ones. 

Pet turtle names:

Monet Shelby Melvin
Jet Turtleneck Waddles
Puddles Wobbles Peep
Jinx Merp Tiny
Venus Neptune Tokka
Mudface Verne Howard
Morla Morl Tuck
Tardy Crush Kuzco
Caligola Olu mel Theo
Dudley Cedric Bjork

Names for sea turtles

Names for sea turtles

Sea turtles are aquatic reptiles. They love to stay in the water only. 

Names for sea turtles:

Monster Rex Ariel
Katei Oracle Ogre
Bubbles Sparkles Coolio
Spike Slimy Frodo
Shelly Magoo Buster
Chet Gary Skidmark
Sluggy Rocket Eeny
Harry Moe Bingo
Apple Mango Crystal
Windy Peachy Julio

Unique turtle names

Unique turtle names

Here is the list of some unique and attractive turtle names for your turtle. The uniqueness of the turtle’s name depends on the turtle itself. You must know your turtle’s uniqueness before giving it a new name.

Unique turtle names based on their characteristics:

Sneezy Sleepy Houdini
Lilo Maui Lago
Mrs. Kipling Pascal Morg
Blinky Randall Boo
Buzz Sully Wall-E
Balthazar Heffalump Ursula
Ariel Ray Scooter
Rocket Thor Hulk
Swimmer Tucker Tonka
Poptart Verne Bulldozer

30 baby turtle names list

30 baby turtle names list

Baby turtle names are very easy to give as they naturally come from your mouth when seeing your pet. 

Baby turtle names list

Shell shock Mishell Tuck
Roll Rolly Sneak
Hokey Caramel Splinter
Casey Jones Doorstep
Hard hat Ninja Mario
Napoleon Dora Chester
Poe King tut Mozart
Voltaire Geo Lumpy
Terra Globe Rainbow
Digs Crayon Skittles

FAQs on turtle names

What are good names for turtles?

There is not a fixed convention for naming your turtle. It depends on you whatever you can be your turtle’s name. you can choose a cute name, you can choose a funny name you can keep, and a fictional character name as per your will.

What should I name my turtle?

It depends on you only you can decide what type of name you want for your turtle. One basic tip is that you should keenly observe your turtle for the specific quality it has. If you don’t find any then also it fine you can keep whichever name you like.

What do you call a baby turtle?

There is not any specific name a baby turtle can have. Baby turtle names are just random names that escape from your mouth while addressing your turtle. If you still want some suggestions then they are given in the above article.

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