324 Cool and Evil Ancient names for Boys, Girls and Cats

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Most of the time, when we hear about someone from the ancient past, we think about their accomplishments. But sometimes, it’s interesting to think about what that person may have been called.
In ancient Greece, for example, names were often based on a person’s profession. So, if someone was a great warrior, they might be called Achilles or Hector. If someone was known for being wise, they might be called Socrates or Plato.

Names could also be based on a person’s physical characteristics. For instance, someone with red hair might be called Pyrrhos (which means “flame-colored”). And someone who was very tall might be called Atlas (after the Titan who held up the sky).

So next time you’re reading about an ancient figure, take a moment to wonder what their name might have meant. In this blog, we are going to take a look at some of the best ancient names.

Tips for choosing the ancient names

All parents want to choose the perfect name for their child, but it can be difficult to find the right one. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an ancient name for your baby.

  • First, consider the meaning of the name. Many ancient names have deep meanings that can be significant to your family.
  • Second, think about the sound of the name. Ancient names often have beautiful sounds that are pleasing to the ear.
  • Finally, consult with family and friends before making a final decision. They may have helpful suggestions or insights that you hadn’t considered before.
  • With these tips in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect ancient name for your little one!

Ancient names

Names have been around since the dawn of time. They’ve been used as a way to identify people, places, and things for centuries. And while some names have fallen out of use over time, others have remained relatively unchanged. Some of the best ancient names are mentioned below.

Epikrates Menandros
Nymphodorus Philokrates Chersis
Periandros Scamandius
Eurytos Eukles
Zephyrinus Oribasius
Gyras Eurypylos
Prothoenor Gorgias
Gelo Cephissos
Telesphorus Alcinous Stolos
Krantor Anakreon Sinis


Ancient names for boys

Names have been around since the beginning of time. They’ve been used to identify people, places, and things. Today, names are still an important part of our lives. We use them to identify ourselves and others. They can be a source of pride or a source of shame. But no matter what, they’re a part of who we are. Some of the best ancient names for boys are mentioned below.

Epicydes Dismas
Phaeops Theopompus
Paios Kapaneus
Eutychus Eutychides
Orges Alkmaion
Simoisius Oeneus Onias
Karipos Peritas Bianor
Leon Eurycliedes Cinyras
Talaemenes Aristonymos
Photius Clinias


Cool ancient names

There are many interesting and unique names that can be found throughout history. Here are just a few of the coolest ancient names that have been discovered. Some of the cool ancient names are mentioned below.

Helenos Simmias Lethos
Peukestes Periandros
Ctesippus Polyperchon
Meliboeus Mecistios
Megathenes Dosithios
Pantites Theas
Meleagros Xuthus
Philoctetes Eucarpus
Priam Deiphobus Pallans
Ascanius Autodikos


Ancient names for girls

There are many names that have been around for centuries, and some of them have interesting stories behind them. Here are a few of the most ancient names and the stories behind them. Some of the best ancient names for girls are mentioned below.

Phaedre Kleio
Laodamia Xanthippe Sotera
Polycaste Deianeira Phyllis
Latona Khloris Semele
Castianiera Omphale
Amphitrite Thalassa
Polyxena Phylomedusa Doris
Helle Philinna Aglaia
Melanie Lampetie Thelma
Callianeira Doto


Ancient names for dogs

When it comes to ancient names, there is often a lot of meaning behind them. This is because names were often chosen to reflect the hopes and beliefs of the parents or the culture at large. Some of the best ancient names for dogs are mentioned below.

Peirithous Peirithous Apelles
Dmetor Dmetor
Alkmaion Alkmaion Damon
Timasitheus Timasitheus Pasion
Kephalos Kephalos Abas
Menesthios Menesthios
Aristion Aristion Hyrtius
Antichares Antichares Geleon
Philocrates Philocrates
Scamandrius Scamandrius


Ancient names for cats

Today, names are still an important part of who we are and how we identify ourselves. They can tell us a lot about our family history and where we come from. So whether you’re looking for a new baby name or trying to trace your roots, remember that there’s a lot in a name. Some of the best ancient names for cats are mentioned below.

Philostratos Abydos Ianessa
Hippotion Patrobas Astera
Deiotones Palmys Hekate
Mecistios Chromis Nysa
Hyrcanus Archilochus Phaia
Erysichton Damianos Lede
Satyros Autodikos
Kritodemos Cleombrotos Auge
Neritos Hypsenor Helice
Azeus Praxiteles


Evil ancient names

Most of us take our names for granted. We are given them by our parents and they become a part of our identity. But have you ever wondered about the origins of your name? Many names have fascinating stories and histories behind them. Some of the evilest ancient names are mentioned below.

Cinder Morelli Treznor Vossen
Nayte Geulimja
Jinx Wyrm Ark Zorander
Antone Duke
Elliot Grail Zindo Grove
Inigo Zayne
Rhazien Argent Acheron Tempest
Holstein Naxxremis
Orfeo Zorander Chalice Kane
Vexacion Malum
Theodore Mallor Everit Helion
Virion Marth
Godfrey Heliot Kragen Barlow
Drachen Dred
Rhys Jones Zeph Knotley
Trixter Cromwell
Sherlock Argent Moon Wright
Sephiran Orlando
Morrow Cloven Oklarth Bloodgood
Vance Sharpe



What are ancient names?

Ancient names are those names that have been in our society for a very long time. Names are one of the oldest traditions that we currently follow.

What are some of the best ancient names?

Some of the best ancient names are:

  • Chadli Barlow
  • Gastly Thornton
  • Artemis Snow
  • Jacques Le Rouge
  • Moon Shade
  • Nicholai Dred
  • Vexx Ripper
  • Rumlar Caligari
  • Mitch Malum
  • Chandler Christanti


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