Prince Names: 543 Fantasy, African, Good Royal Prince names

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When it comes to the monarchy, there is no higher authority than the king. The king is the head of state and has absolute power over the country. The prince, on the other hand, is the heir to the throne and is next in line for the throne. Although the prince does not have as much power as the king, he is still a powerful figure in the monarchy. In this blog, we will cover some of the best Prince names.

When one thinks of a prince, one may think of a fairytale or a Disney movie. In reality, a prince is a male ruler or member of the nobility who is destined to inherit his parents’ throne. A prince typically has royal blood and is the son of a king or queen. While princesses are often associated with beauty and grace, princes are known for their bravery and strength. Though they may seem like characters out of a storybook, princes do exist in the real world.

How to choose a prince-like name?

Your little one is on the way and you have finally settled on a name, but not just any name, a regal name. A name that befits a little prince in your life. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect moniker for your bundle of joy:

  • First and foremost, you want a name that sounds like it could belong to royalty. Something classic and timeless that will never go out of style.
  • Second, consider a name with meaning. A name that represents strength, honor, and courage. After all, your little guy will have big shoes to fill!
  • Lastly, don’t forget about family traditions! If there’s a special family name you would like to carry on, consider bestowing it upon your son as his middle name.

Prince names

A prince is a male ruler or member of royalty. The word “prince” comes from the Latin word “princeps,” which means “first.” A prince typically has a royal title, such as “Prince of Wales” or “Duke of Sussex.” A prince may also be the son or grandson of a king or queen. In some cultures, a prince is considered to be a god. Some of the best princes’ names are mentioned below.

Jabril Sealtiel Kafziel
Malik Usiu Shoftiel
Khamael Harahel Bariel
Morael Humatiel
Melkyal Ariuk Baglis
Risnuch Zuphlas
Atheed Nisroc
Forfax Ruhiel Elyon
Micah Tagas Kafziel
Bethor Baruchiel


Fantasy prince names

When it comes to fantasy prince names, there are endless possibilities. Whether you’re looking for a name for your story’s heroic prince or a more villainous one, the options are limitless. Some of the best fantasy prince names.

Anpiel Harahel Cassiel
Iaoth Kafziel Pathiel
Barattiel Israfil
Sealtiel Cahethal
Mitatron Temlakos
Rabdos Yahoel Sachael
Afriel Eremiel
Radueriel Nathaniel Razael
Onoel Chamuel
Gagiel Khamael Anaiel


Prince names for boy

A prince typically has certain royal duties and powers, which can vary depending on the size and location of his kingdom. For example, a prince may help his father govern the kingdom, represent the kingdom at official events, or marry into another royal family to solidify alliances. Some of the best princes’ names for boys are mentioned below.

Bartholomew Emmanuel Abrariel
Baruchiel Radueriel Stadiel
Tartys Malik Simiel
Theliel Elyon
Azazel Cassiel Castiel
Barquiel Ridwan Malakh
Dagiel Xathanael Ezekiel
Barbelo Zarall Arakiba
Abraxos Jehudiel Boel
Mihael Geburatiel


African prince names

African Prince is a title given to the heir apparent of the throne in certain African monarchies. It is also occasionally used as a title for the sons and daughters of the reigning Monarch. In most cases, the African Prince is the eldest son or daughter of the Monarch but there have been cases where younger children have been given the title. Some of the best African Prince names are mentioned below.

Israfiel Humatiel Zadkiel
Zerachiel Razael
Rhamiel Anakim
Hashmal Zaphreal
Rogziel Samandriel
Ramiel Ariuk
Herchel Daniel Kemuel
Samkiel Narcariel
Abasdarhon Castiel Sabrael
Omael Malchediel Zadkiel


Good prince names

A good prince is someone who is able to effectively rule their kingdom and maintain a good relationship with their people. A good prince is also someone who is brave and able to protect their kingdom from harm. Lastly, a good prince is someone who is just and fair in their decisions. Some of the good prince names are listed below.

Osmadiel Gadiel
Bazazath Bazazath Israfiel
Rogziel Chasan
Barakiel Aralim Ishim
Archon Jamaerah Adimus
Jerahmeel Adriel
Iaoel Tadhiel
Stadiel Vretiel Anael
Anakim Galizur
Osmadiel Castiel Hayliel


Royal prince names

A royal prince is a male member of the royal family who is typically in line to inherit the throne. In some cases, a royal prince may also be given a title or position that allows him to assume control of the government if the reigning monarch is unable to do so. Royal princes are typically born into their position and have a number of privileges and responsibilities that come with it. Some of the best royal prince names are mentioned below

Xathanael Morael
Mydaiel Hamael Abdiel
Barbiel Ishim
Rahatiel Cahethal Malik
Iahhel Hamon
Geburatiel Morieshal Jehoel
Amnayel Madan Kezef
Telantes Tabris Phaleg
Tabris Seraph
Germael Germael


Fairy tale prince names

The prince is often the hero of the story, defeating the villain and winning the heart of the princess. But he’s not always perfect – sometimes he’s vain, arrogant, or too easily fooled. Regardless, he always manages to save the day in the end. Some of the best fairy tale prince names are mentioned below.

Leo Omael
Boamiel Jahoel
Domiel Omael Rehael
Anakim Jaoel
Iaoel Semyaza
Barachiel Ariuk Valoel
Rizoel Abbadon
Zachariah Radueriel Akriel
Seraph Barbiel Baglis
Turiel Charoum


Unique prince names

A prince is a male ruler or member of royalty. The title can be given to the son of a king or queen, as in the case of Prince William of England. It can also be given as a formal title to certain high-ranking members of royal families who are not next in line for the throne, such as Prince Harry of Wales. Some of the unique prince names are mentioned below.

Rizoel Forcas
Zabkiel Semangelaf Usiel
Rhamiel Tadhiel Turiel
Kasbiel Daniel Labbiel
Adoel Hashmal
Abaddon Amriel Herchel
Kabshiel Sablo
Semsapiel Rufeal
Hasdiel Morieshal Abrariel
Samuel Pravuil

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